Bramidan MC4 Multi-Chamber Waste Baler

Highly flexible Baler

Many customers produce multiple waste streams – say cardboard and plastic. If these waste streams are produced concurrently, then you may need to be able to bale both at the same time, rather than having to wait until a bale of one material is finished before ejecting it and producing a second bale of a different material in the same chamber.

The MC4 from Bramidan solves this problem by having one press ram servicing two (or more) baling chambers. This means you can save time when baling and it also reduces the time it takes to sort waste into the relevant types for recycling making the whole process as hassle free and efficient as possible.

If you would like to know more about the Multi-Chamber MC4 or any of our range of Vertical Balers please contact us.

Technical Information

  • Bale weight approx (kg) 40-80
  • Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 1720 x 900 x 2180
  • 4 Tonnes press force
  • Rapid cycle time ensures that waste is pressed and sorted fast
  • The horizontal handle means that moving the press section is simple and quick
  • Easy automatic ejection of bales when the baling process is finished

Technical Summary

Model MC4
Press force (t) 4
Power supply 1x230V 50Hz 10A
Motor (kW) 1.1
Noise level (dB) 65-68
Cycle time (sec) 20
Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 1720 x 900 x 2180
Weight (kg) 560
Filling opening WxH (mm) 700 x 500
Filling height (mm) 1240
Stroke (mm) 750
Bale size WxDxH (mm) 700 x 500 x 700
Bale weight cardboard approx (kg) 40-60
Bale weight plastic approx (kg) 50-70