Roto Compactors

Revolutionise waste handling with Roto Compactors. Achieve high rates of waste compression, simplify operations, and maximize space efficiency. Perfect for a wide range of industries, our roto compactors ensure long-lasting performance with minimal space requirements.
Roto Compactors are a pioneering solution in waste management. Designed for maximum volume reduction and efficiency, these compactors are perfect for diverse environments like supermarkets, hospitals, and hotels. Featuring simple operation, continuous feeding, and huge compression rates, our Roto Compactors are the ideal choice for effective and space-saving waste handling.
    • Square format, electrically driven
    • Compacts waste into 1100 litre bins
    • Suitable for wet and dry waste, especially kitchen waste
    • An alternative model, the APS 800 is a hydraulically driven machine and can be supplied for use with 800 litre bins, or the hydraulic machine can be modified by Bergmann for use with 600 litre bins
    • High processing capacity
    • Huge loading aperture
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    • Square format, electrically driven
    • Compacts into 1400 litre bags
    • Suitable for paper and cardboard as well as refuse
    • An alternative model, the PS 1000E is a round version of this machine and compacts into 1000 litre bags
    • Requires little space
    • Huge loading aperture
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Reduce Waste Volume with Roto Compactors

Roto Compactors, introduced as one of the earliest waste handling machines in the market, have transformed the way general waste is managed. These compactors are renowned for their ability to massively reduce waste volume, depositing it into large bags or sacks for easy collection and disposal.

At the heart of their design is efficient waste compaction and collection in one machine. The Roto Compactors boast a simple operation mechanism, allowing for continuous feeding and optimal compacting. This results in a huge compression rate, leading to maximum waste reduction. Additionally, their low maintenance requirements make them a practical choice for various industries.

These compactors are versatile and can be used in a wide range of operating sites where light waste is generated, including supermarkets, canteens, kitchens, restaurants, industries, retail spaces, banks, hospitals, retirement homes, hotels, and service companies.

Bergmann Roto Compactors come in two formats: round or square, and are available in models like the PS800 Compactor and the Bergmann 1400E and can continuously feed waste materials.

Bergmann PS800 roto compactor drum

Features of Bergmann Roto Compactors

The Bergmann range of Roto Compactors can achieve highly compacted material in large sacks or wheeled bins, which can then be easily removed with a pallet truck.

A standout feature of the Bergmann Roto Compactors is their robust and reliable construction. They require very little space, making them ideal for placement at the point of waste generation. Depending on the model, they are equipped with either a durable hydraulic drive or a strong electric drive. The high-quality build ensures that the special compaction drum rotates reliably, with some machines in operation for over twenty-five years.

A key feature of the Bergmann Roto Compactor is its hard-faced roller that grips and tears up waste material, achieving an optimum compression rate of 9:1. This high compression ratio is a testament to the machine’s efficiency in waste management. Additionally, the continual feed feature, which allows the filling chute to remain open safely during compaction, sets this compactor apart as one of the best in the market.


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