Mill Size Balers

Mill size balers for businesses looking to optimise their recycling processes and reduce costs. Kenburn is your go-to supplier for high-quality mill size balers that can transform your recycling strategy and boost your bottom line.
Our mill size balers are powerful machines that compress large volumes of waste materials into standardised bales. This helps you to reduce waste management and collection costs, as well as taking up less floor space. View our range of high quality mill size balers below.


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Mill Size Balers: The Key to Effective Recycling

Our mill size balers are engineered to handle vast volumes of recyclables such as cardboard, plastic, and other materials, turning them into neat bales. With these balers, you can say goodbye to loose waste taking up precious space in your facility. The bales are perfectly sized for efficient transport, meaning you can fit more onto each lorry, container, or flat-bed trailer, reducing your carbon footprint and transportation costs.

Investing in a Kenburn mill size baler means investing in durability. Built to last, our machines withstand the rigours of daily use, delivering reliable performance year after year. The robust construction minimises downtime and maintenance costs, while the user-friendly design ensures ease of use and safety for your operators.

We understand that each business is unique. That’s why we offer a range of mill size balers, but we only ever supply machines that meet our high quality standards. That’s one area that we never compromise on and it’s why Kenburn has maintained the reputation it has for many years.


Reduced Costs, Increased Savings

With the use of our mill size balers, the cost savings are twofold. You’ll reduce expenditure on waste storage and handling, and the bales’ optimisation for transport means you can achieve full-capacity loads with fewer trips.

By optimising your recycling process with our mill size balers, you contribute to a more sustainable operation. Compacting and baling waste materials not only eases the recycling process but also plays a crucial role in reducing the environmental impact of waste. Choose Kenburn to help you achieve your green initiatives with efficient and environmentally responsible waste management.

With Kenburn’s mill size balers, you can streamline your recycling efforts, minimise operational costs, and contribute positively to the environment. Our commitment to quality, customer service, and sustainability makes us the ideal partner in your recycling journey. Contact us today to find out how our mill size balers can make a difference to your business.


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