Refurbished Waste Balers & Compactors

We stock a wide range of refurbished waste balers and compactors for sale or to rent across the UK. We also offer a limited twelve-month parts and labour warranty on all refurbished equipment, giving you peace of mind.


Refurbished Balers & Compactors from Kenburn are typically ex-rental machines that have been serviced by us. They are cleaned, stripped down & re-sprayed. Component parts are re-fitted or replaced as required meaning that all of our machines are refurbished to a high standard.

Refurbished machines offer a great alternative to buying a new model.
Please note, stocks of machinery available for refurbishment can vary, therefore not every machine is available at all times. Models and specifications may vary from the product shown.


Contact us today and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Why Refurbished Machines?

why-refurbished-machinesThe decision to invest in waste balers or compactors is a significant one. Opting for refurbished machines can be an excellent solution for businesses looking to balance budget with performance.

When you buy refurbished equipment, you’re not only getting a machine that has been restored to its optimal functionality but also one that often comes at a lower cost.

Our refurbished waste compactors and have been meticulously inspected, repaired, and tested to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and durability. This means you can enjoy the benefits of a like-new product without the price tag, potentially freeing up capital for other investments within your business.

Renting refurbished equipment presents another layer of flexibility, particularly suitable for businesses with variable waste management needs.

Renting allows you to upscale your capacity, without the long-term capital expenditure. Whether you choose to buy or rent, refurbished waste balers and waste compactors are a savvy choice for the cost-conscious and environmentally responsible business.

waste-balerKenburn Waste Management supplies refurbished machinery from leading European manufacturers. As an example, Kenburn is proud to have supplied Bergmann machines including roto compactors and jumbo roll packers to hundreds of customers in the UK since 1987.

Kenburn has also supplied recycling machinery from Bramidan since the mid-1990’s and stocks a range of balers and compactors for refurbishment.

We also supply a selection of refurbished waste balers and compactors produced by the German manufacturer Avermann having first supplied these machines in the 1990s.
Our stocks include horizontal balers, conveyor systems, portable compactors as well as static compactors and moveable external bin lifts.

We stock a wide range of refurbished balers and waste compactors for sale or to rent and offer a limited twelve-month parts and labour warranty on all new and refurbished equipment, subject to it being maintained to the manufacturer’s specification.

Our range does vary and so please do Contact us today for more information on current availability of refurbished waste baling and compacting Equipment.


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