Bergmann Waste Compactors

Maximise efficiency with Kenburn’s Bergmann Waste Compactors. Robust, reliable, and perfect for both wet and dry waste. Discover our Jumbo Roll Packers and Roto Compactors for enhanced waste management whilst reducing overall costs.
Our range of Bergmann Waste Compactors includes versatile solutions for both wet and dry waste, ideal for businesses seeking efficient and durable compaction equipment. Keburn has over 30 years of experience working with Bergmann, a match offering you a proven, cost-effective and reliable approach to waste management.


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Bergmann Compactors for Wet and Dry Waste

Kenburn, with over 30 years of experience, proudly offers Bergmann Waste Compactors, a comprehensive solution for efficient waste management. As an official Bergmann dealer, we provide expert advice to help you choose the right compactor for your business needs, ensuring effective waste handling and cost reduction.

Bergmann’s extensive range of compactors includes options for both wet and dry waste, ensuring a versatile solution for various waste management requirements. The range features portable compactors, hydraulic and electric roto compactors, and the iconic jumbo roll packers, each designed to meet different waste handling challenges. All Bergmann waste compactors are robustly built to exacting standards, ensuring long-lasting and efficient operation.

Bergmann is the originator of the renowned Jumbo Roll Packer and Roto Compactor, both of which have set the standard in waste compaction. These innovative machines are designed for maximum efficiency, compacting large volumes of waste into manageable sizes, which is essential for reducing disposal costs and CO2 emissions.


Portable and Wet Waste Solutions

In addition to the standard compactors, Kenburn also supplies Bergmann’s full range of Portable Waste Compactors, which are ideally suited for dry waste materials like cardboard and plastics. The range of Wet Waste Compactors, part of the Bergmann MPB series, is designed to tackle the challenge of compacting wet and smelly waste while achieving high levels of compaction.

These machines are highly efficient at compacting waste, allowing you to manage your waste more effectively and reduce associated costs.

Understanding that each business has unique waste management requirements, we offer tailored solutions. Whether you need a solution for compacting general waste or specific materials, our team at Kenburn is ready to assist you in finding the perfect Bergmann Waste Compactor for your needs.

Partnering with Kenburn means choosing a company committed to delivering high-quality, efficient, and sustainable waste management solutions. Our range of Bergmann Waste Compactors exemplifies this commitment, combining German manufacturing excellence with Kenburn’s dedication to customer service.


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