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Revolutionise your waste management with the Kenburn Carpet Crusher. Efficiently compact carpets, reduce overall costs, and embrace recycling. An eco-friendly, easy to use and cost-saving solution for all your carpet disposal needs.


The Kenburn Carpet Crusher provides an efficient way to effectively manage carpet waste. This compact yet powerful machine is transforming how businesses handle carpet offcuts, offering an environmentally friendly solution that reduces costs and landfill waste. Its large capacity and high press forces make carpet recycling simpler and more cost-effective than ever.


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Efficient and Compact Carpet Crushing Solution

The Kenburn Carpet Crusher is an innovative machine that simplifies the handling of carpet offcuts. Despite its compact size, this crusher boasts a large capacity and delivers high press forces, enabling quick and easy compression of carpets. Its exceptionally wide load opening allows it to handle larger carpet pieces, making daily operations smoother and more efficient. We offer waste balers for a wide range of applications, so do please ask.

This machine is not just about reducing size; it’s about enhancing workflow. Its design ensures that even substantial quantities of carpet waste can be compressed effortlessly, transforming bulky waste into manageable units.

With 30 tonnes of compaction force, the Kenburn Carpet Crusher compacts 175 square metres of carpet waste on to one standard pallet.

In today’s environmentally conscious world, recycling is a critical topic. The public is increasingly interested in the fate of their waste, and companies are responding. Adopting a “zero waste to landfill” policy is not just good for the planet; it also impresses potential customers. By integrating a carpet crusher into your operations, you can proudly inform customers that their waste is being recycled, a practice that has been shown to boost sales conversion rates.

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A Multifunctional Waste Solution

The Kenburn Carpet Crusher plays a vital role in this process. The user-friendly Kenburn Carpet Crusher is designed to significantly reduce the volume of waste carpet, achieving a compaction ratio of 4:1. This reduction in volume means lower transport costs to carpet recycling facilities across the UK, keeping expenses minimal.

Introduced in 2013, the Kenburn carpet crusher has been a game-changer in the flooring industry. It has enabled retailers and contractors to divert thousands of tonnes of new and uplifted carpet and underlay waste from landfill. The process is straightforward: a hydraulic ram applies 30 tonnes of compaction force, crushing the materials into a compact cube that is then ejected onto a pallet for collection and recycling.

Working in close partnership with Carpet Recycling UK and numerous recycling outlets, Kenburn ensures that carpet waste is processed into useful products, such as car bumpers, roof tiles, UPVC window frames and also a fuel for “waste to energy” This collaboration not only aids in recycling efforts but also contributes to creating new, valuable products from what was once considered waste.

A member of the Kenburn sales team can visit your site and assess the volumes of waste you’re generating. We can then advise you on which recycling plant the waste will go to, what happens with the waste when it gets there, how it will be collected and what cost savings you’ll make by “going green”.


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