Racks and Rack Bags

Kenburn’s recycling racks simplify waste sorting by type, like plastic wrapping and uncontaminated cardboard, enhancing recycling efficiency. Strategically placed, they keep workspaces tidy, and the full bags are easily transported to your baler or compactor.
With Kenburn’s recycling racks, segregating different types of waste becomes effortless, ensuring efficient recycling. Use separate racks for distinct waste types to maintain purity and cleanliness. Designed for workplace convenience, these racks can be positioned strategically for tidiness. Kenburn also offers convenient rolls of 10 bags to fit these racks, adding to their utility.


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The Kenburn Waste Management range of vertical balers and horizontal balers covers almost all demands for waste handling. Designed with safety and simplicity of use in mind, our high calibre machines are built for maximum efficiency, low noise operation and low levels of maintenance to ensure minimum disruption to your working environment.

Waste Balers are used for compacting waste – anything from cardboard to plastic and everything in-between. Balers transform waste into solid blocks of recyclable material, enabling recyclers to collect it easily and economically. Balers reduce the space needed for waste storage, reduce the cost of waste collection and reduce the time spent on disposing of waste effectively and responsibly. This will save your business time, space and money.

Our vertical baler range includes small balers which produce compact bales of 30-60kg, together with medium and large mill size balers producing bales of up to 600kg depending on materials.  Horizontal balers in our range are available that produce bales from 250kg to 700kg.


Where waste throughput is higher and a continuous or semi-continuous production of bales is required, a horizontal baler is the answer. These machines have the rams mounted horizontally and are often fed by a conveyor. The whole process can be fully automatic if desired.

If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your handling of solid waste, talk to Kenburn to find the perfect waste solution to help you.

We have a wide range of balers for sale, to purchase and rent. If you want to know more about our horizontal balers and vertical balers or what we can do for your business please contact us.


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