Installation Services

Installing your Waste Balers and Compactors

Kenburn ensures a swift and professional installation for your waste baler or compactor, minimizing disruption and aligning with manufacturer guidelines. The proper installation will ensure your machinery operates properly and efficiently. Our skilled engineers, backed by thorough site surveys, guarantee a seamless setup process with minimal disruption.

What to Expect Installing your Waste Baler or Compactor

Kenburn excels in delivering a comprehensive installation service for your new waste management equipment. Our process begins with a detailed site survey, assessing the necessary tools and manpower to suit the scope of the job.

Our engineers, highly trained and fully qualified, adhere strictly to manufacturers’ guidelines to ensure a flawless installation. We prioritise safety and efficiency at every step, offering Risk Assessments and Method Statements for every installation.

But our service doesn’t end with installation; we also provide in-depth training for your staff. This training is not only informative but also certifies each participant, demonstrating their competence in operating the new equipment.

With Kenburn, you receive a full-service experience that leaves nothing to chance, from professional installation to empowering your team with the knowledge they need to safely and effectively operate the waste baler or compactor.


Skilled and Qualified Engineering Team

Our team of highly trained , knowledgeable and dedicated engineers at Kenburn is committed to providing professional installations for all waste baler and compactor equipment.

Our team of engineers are fully qualified to install machines which are done so, according to the manufacturers’ specifications. Our comprehensive site survey carried out ahead of time ensures that we’re fully prepared for the installation, regardless of its size.

We can also cater for roll out type programmes and will work with you to plan and execute installations where multiple sites are involved.

Training and Certification as Part of Installation

As an integral part of our installation service, Kenburn offers thorough training for up to 3 of your staff on the waste baler or compactor. This training is designed to ensure safe and effective operation of the equipment. Each trainee receives a certificate upon completion, affirming the quality and delivery of the training.

Our approach ensures that your team is well-equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge, providing peace of mind that everything is handled with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

Whatever the size or complexity of installation, Kenburn will always provide you with the assurance of high-quality installation services, delivered efficiently and professionally.



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