Wet Waste Compactors

Efficiently manage wet waste with these compactors from Kenburn. Fully sealed, self-cleaning, and odour-controlling, they provide high compaction and a clean, safe environment. Perfect for handling food waste and other moisture-rich materials.
Kenburn presents a range of Wet Waste Compactors, revolutionising the handling of wet and smelly waste. Our fully sealed, self-cleaning range ensures maximum compaction and minimal odours, offering a hygienic solution for challenging waste types. Perfect for food waste, they prevent contamination and vermin issues, enhancing workplace safety and cleanliness.


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Managing Wet Waste Compaction Effectively

Kenburn’s Wet Waste Compactors are engineered to address the complexities of compacting wet and odorous waste, which is particularly prevalent in industries handling food or similar materials. The range stands out for its high compaction capabilities while maintaining a clean and odour-free environment, essential in workplaces where hygiene is paramount.

The compactors are fully sealed, including the door, to ensure no leakage of effluent. This feature is critical in preventing contamination and maintaining a hygienic work environment. The self-cleaning mechanism, facilitated by the pendulum blade that reaches under the waste, eliminates the need for a cleaning hatch, simplifying maintenance and enhancing overall cleanliness.

Bergmann developed the innovative pendulum blade technology, designed over 35 years ago which remains unmatched in its efficiency. The blade ensures thorough compaction and easy cleaning, making these compactors a superior choice for managing wet waste. Before leaving the factory, each compactor undergoes a rigorous water-fill test to ensure watertight integrity, with the standard being that not a single drop escapes.

Bergmann MPB 918 SN20 wet waste compactors

Features of Wet Waste Compactors

These compactors are equipped with various features to enhance their functionality and ease of use. These include a double hydraulic pump, pick-up system, autotimer, oil level monitoring, and overload protection. The working hour counter is an invaluable addition for monitoring usage and scheduling maintenance. Retrofitting options, like a lid covering the loading aperture and a hydraulic lift-tipping-device, add versatility and adaptability to different waste management needs.

Optional accessories further enhance the compactors’ utility. These include full signal notifications via GSM, certified watertightness, various lid operation modes, odour reduction seals, remote control options, fire fighting points, and drainage devices. Such customisations allow businesses to tailor the compactors to their specific waste management requirements.

Ideal for industries dealing with food waste or other high-moisture materials, the Bergmann range of MPB Wet Waste Compactors for example, are an essential tool for maintaining a clean, efficient, and hygienic waste management system. Their durability, coupled with the ability to handle challenging waste types, makes them an invaluable asset for any business looking to improve its waste handling processes.


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