Drum Press Compactors

Introducing the drum press: a superior waste management solution. Compact, sturdy, and low-noise. Perfect for businesses with limited space. Economical, environmentally friendly, and effective in reducing drums from feet to inches quickly and efficiently.


Seeking an effective waste management solution? Our Drum Press Compactor is ideal for businesses needing to reduce drum disposal costs while managing limited space. Sturdily built, it quickly compacts drums with minimal noise, ensuring a cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach to waste management. Discover how our Drum Press Compactors can benefit your business.


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Drum Press Machines - Compact and Powerful

The Drum Press Compactor is changing the game in waste management. It’s a standout machine for businesses looking to handle waste better. Its most impressive feature? This machine can shrink down large 205-litre drums to just a few inches high. This means a lot of waste that used to take up loads of space can now be handled easily and more efficiently.

What’s also great about the Drum Press is how simple it is to use. You don’t need special training or experts to operate it. Anyone on your team can get it working, making it not just a smart solution but also one that saves money.

It’s perfect for businesses looking for a cost saving solution, especially for those that are tight on space. Kenburn have years of experience and expertise in helping businesses find the very best solution for them and their needs, as such we offer our machines for purchase or lease. Simply ask us for more information.


Save Space and Cut Down on Maintenance

For businesses tight on space, the compact design of the Bramidan Drum Press DP16 is perfect. It doesn’t need a big area to operate, so it can fit into your existing space without any hassle. Even though it’s small, it still packs a punch in performance, making it ideal for businesses that don’t have a lot of room.

Another big plus is that this type of machine doesn’t need a lot of upkeep. Unlike many industrial machines that need constant attention, the Drum Press Compactor keeps going with minimal fuss. This means less time spent on maintenance, less downtime, and lower costs in the long run. It keeps your waste management running smoothly and efficiently.

In short, the Bramidan Drum Press DP16 isn’t just another machine; it’s a smart choice for managing waste in a more efficient and environment-friendly way. With its easy use, small size, and low maintenance, it’s a valuable addition to any business looking to improve its waste handling.


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