Waste Compactors

Waste compactors are designed to compress waste material to reduce the amount of space it takes up. For example a portable waste compactor will hold many times as much waste as a skip, meaning far fewer collections and much lower disposal costs.

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What the right Waste Compactor can do for your business:

  • Improve waste management
  • Reduce waste collection costs
  • Save time and increase efficiency
  • Improve the working environment at your business

We have an extensive range of waste compactors

Kenburn Waste Management offers a comprehensive range of Waste Compactors for sale, lease or hire including portable and static compactors. If you are spending more than £50 per week on waste management we may well have a solution which will save you money.

Portable Compactors are available in chain lift, otherwise known as 'skip lift' compactors, or roll-on/roll-off formats (hook lift). The smaller machines are usually supplied as chain lift and can be easily transported by skip lift vehicles. Roll-on/roll-off compactors are picked up using the hooks and are typically larger machines and require suitably equipped trucks for transporting.

Wet waste compactors are portable machines that have been specifically designed to compact wet waste materials. We supply a range of portables designed by Bergmann. Static compactors are designed to stay on your site and when the container is full, it is taken away for emptying and a replacement bin is put into position. The Bergmann range of Jumbo Roll Packers are designed to compact and tear up waste in an open skip. Bergmann Roto Compactors are simple to use and come in a variety of formats that compact into a bag or a bin.

A range of Bramidan specialist compactors include a drum press, bag press and EPS granulator.


If you want to know more about our range of Waste Compactors or what we can do to save your business money please contact us.


Improve your waste management systems today. There are many different types of Waste Compactors, to suit every requirement. Our range includes:-

APB 1620 portable compactor

Bergmann Wet Waste Compactors

Kenburn supplies the full range of Bergmann Wet Waste Compactors in the MPB range to help solve the problem of compacting wet and smelly waste, whilst achieving high levels of compaction. These Compactors…

Bergmann APB 607 Waste Compactor

Bergmann Portable Compactors

It is not uncommon with machines of a traditional design that there are difficulties in emptying them even when waste cardboard and plastics have not been highly compacted.  These problems…


Bergmann Jumbo Roll Packers

The key benefits to you of using the Bergmann Jumbo Rollpacker are that you can start reducing your disposal costs and CO2 emissions straight away and save money on your waste…

Bergmann roto compactor - cardboard boxes

Bergmann Roto Compactors

Roto Compactors were one of the earliest waste handling machines introduced to the market. They were designed to massively reduce the volume of general waste, depositing it in large bags…

Kenburn Select KS300 Static compactor- through the wall 2 level hopper

Kenburn Select Static Compactors

Static Compactors are used for the on-site compression of waste materials.  Waste is compressed into a container by the extending ram in the Static Compactor. The equation is simple – the…

Bergmann APB-607 compactor

Portable Waste Compactors

Portable Compactors can be supplied in either chain-lift(skip lift) or roll-on/roll-off (hook lift) formats, to suit your transport requirements and with integrated or external bin lifts. With compaction ratios of around…

Kenburn Select Drum Compactor

Kenburn Select In Drum Compactor

The Kenburn Select In Drum Compactor compacts waste into 205-litre steel drums.  By compacting waste into the drum you can reduce waste disposal costs by getting much more material into each drum.Typical…

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