Waste Balers

With one of the UK’s most comprehensive selections of waste balers, Kenburn excels at managing commercial waste. Our baling machines are expertly designed to handle recyclable materials, including cardboard, paper, and plastics.
waste balers
With a diverse array of both horizontal and vertical waste balers, Kenburn Waste Management meets virtually all demands for commercial waste handling. Engineered for safety and ease of use, our high-quality baling machines are optimised for efficiency, quiet operation, and minimal maintenance, ensuring minimal disruption to your work environment.


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Types of Waste Balers

Waste balers serve as essential tools for compacting a wide range of waste materials, from cardboard to paper, plastics and more. By transforming waste into compact, recyclable blocks, our balers facilitate economical and easy collection.

Moreover, they significantly reduce the space, costs, and time associated with effective and responsible waste disposal, thereby delivering tangible savings to your business.

Some of our machines work best with specific types of materials. Others by level of usage, space requirements or size of bale. We have a waste baler to suit almost every application.

Our vertical baler collection spans from small models that generate compact bales weighing between 30 to 60kg, to medium and large mill-size balers capable of producing bales of up to 600kg, depending on the material.

Our horizontal balers offer an equally diverse range, with the capacity to create bales from 250kg to 700kg. For operations with higher waste throughput and a need for continuous or semi-continuous bale production, horizontal balers equipped with horizontally mounted rams are the ideal solution. These units can often be fed by a conveyor system and offer the option for full automation.


If you’re committed to elevating the efficiency of your waste management practices, look no further than Kenburn as your ultimate partner for optimum waste baling solutions.

Our extensive portfolio includes a wide array of balers tailored to suit various waste-handling requirements. From small-scale operations looking for compact baling solutions, to large enterprises in need of high-capacity, automated systems, we have something to meet every need.

Investing in our waste balers can yield a host of advantages for your business, such as reducing storage space for waste, lowering waste disposal costs, and minimising the environmental impact. In turn, these benefits translate into operational efficiencies and cost savings, thus contributing positively to your bottom line. Our team of experts is available to help you identify the most suitable baler for your operation, ensuring that your investment is aligned with your business objectives.

To explore how our comprehensive range of waste balers can provide an effective, eco-friendly solution tailored to your business needs, Contact us today. Our friendly and experienced team will talk through your requirements and advise on the best waste balers for both your needs and budget.


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