Why Buying High Quality Machinery is Best

Balex-30-balers-being-delivered-to-customerWhen looking for waste balers it can be tempting to choose the cheapest model you can find, saving you money up front. With budget constraints and short term targets to meet this can be an even more attractive prospect. But you’ve no doubt heard the phrase “buy cheap buy twice” and so probably actually know that this isn’t always the best idea. Logic tells us that by investing a little more in the first place we can actually save money over the longer term. A bit like buying a good quality sofa over a cheap and cheerful one that you know won’t last as long.

To give you an example, looking at our database of contacts we can see that the oldest waste baler that we maintain for a customer was sold in 1989! This is being actively used today and so this just further emphasises what we already know. That our products are excellent quality. Imagine if that customer had gone for a much cheaper option, I wonder how many new machines they would have had to purchase over the years.

This isn’t the only one either, we have records of multiple balers and compactors that were supplied during the nineties. I wonder how this longevity has impacted the customers’ budgets over the years. The upfront saving of opting for a low cost option would have no doubt cost them much much more.

Balers and Compactors that Last!

Whilst we can’t guarantee that a product will last quite as long as the one sold in 1989, we do know that in comparison to a lot of our competitors machines they have a much longer lifecycle. In fact we have seen some cheaper models out there in the marketplace last as little as 5 years. Our customer from 1989 would have had to purchase quite a few more than the one machine if they’d had to replace it every 5 years!

The longevity of a waste baler will depend on a number of factors, things such as how heavily it’s used, how well it’s looked after and of course the type of materials that are being baled and compacted will make a difference.

So, although there are no guarantees that our waste balers will go on for decades, we are incredibly confident that due to our machines’ superior build quality, they will certainly last much longer than many of the alternatives on the market today!

Probably the most important factor in ensuring that your equipment lasts a long time is how well it’s looked after. It’s of paramount importance and having a proper maintenance and servicing schedule will make all the difference.

Looking After your Waste Baler

looking after compactors and balersAlongside selling only the highest quality machines, we also offer baler and compactor maintenance services across our whole range (and our competitors) wherever you are on the UK mainland. Our engineers are based around the UK so that we can offer national coverage to our customers.

We can repair and maintain all makes of baler or compactor – no matter where you bought it!

The most comprehensive way of looking after your machinery is to properly maintain it and our service agreements are designed to do just that, ensuring your balers and compactors perform at the highest level for the longest amount of time.

We also provide a repair service and can source and fit spare parts as required, regardless of where you purchased your equipment.

All maintenance is carried out by fully trained and experienced engineers in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. We can provide a standard service agreement offering or something more bespoke if required.

If you do not have a service agreement with us, we may still be able to help. We do provide chargeable work too. You don’t get charged for travel time, instead there is a set call out fee (including 1 hour of labour) and if we are unable to repair there and then we will provide an estimate upfront of what the work involves and how much it is likely to cost. Call out fees will be communicated in advance too, this means that you don’t spend a penny without fully understanding the costs involved at each stage.

So, if you are looking for help and support in maintaining your baler or compactor then please contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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