Waste Balers and Compactors for Packaging Companies

There are very few industries that have the same governmental pressure to become more sustainable than the packaging industry. For these companies, effectively managing waste while improving recycling rates is absolutely critical.

The future of the industry looks to continue in this direction: with the circular economy becoming a key feature of the industry looking forwards. To help improve recycling rates, while reducing costs and improving operations, the packaging industry are looking at balers and compactors to meet their needs.

UK Government guidelines for packaging companies on waste

Packaging companies are among the most important businesses in the mission to make the world more sustainable. UK Government guidelines put the impetus on packaging companies to go above and beyond their waste duty of care responsibilities to:

  1. Actively reduce the amount of packaging produced
  2. Eliminate and reduce the amount of packaging sent to landfill
  3. Increase the volume of materials that are recycled and recovered.

These three UK Government instructions make it imperative for companies to take steps to reduce their environmental impact while keeping customers satisfied and keeping their businesses profitable.

Cost-savings and recycling wins

Radical new strategies that seek to reduce the volume of waste produced can be costly. New materials, packaging techniques and the like all come at some sort of cost: whether that’s increasingly using laborious packaging techniques or purchasing new equipment to deal with new materials.

We are aware that plastic is an incredibly useful material and that, in some situations, there are no commercially viable alternatives available. What packaging manufacturers can do is look to increase recycling rates and improve the quantity of waste materials recycled. This is where a baler can help.

How balers improve waste management for packaging companies

Waste balers convert masses of material into compact, easy to transport ‘bales’ of recyclable material. There are a range of different types of baler available to suit a variety of throughput requirements, waste volumes and materials.

  • Faster operational flow.
  • Improved internal logistics.
  • Reduce waste handling costs. Balers eliminate costs spent effectively transporting air.
  • Save space. Free up room for more equipment that’ll work to improve your profit margins.
  • Recover costs. With the right processes in place, packaging companies can recover their outlay on materials. Cardboards, plastics and other materials can be traded easily and become more valuable when compacted.

Finding the right solution

Kenburn is the UK’s leading provider of waste management machinery, consumables and equipment. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses identify areas to improve their waste management practices. We’ve helped improve our customers’ green credentials while making a marked impact on their bottom lines.

For more information, get in touch with our team at [email protected] or call us on 01727 844 988.

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