Why Invest in Refurbished Waste Balers and Compactors?

refurbished machinesKenburn offers a selection of refurbished waste baler and compactor machines, which are typically ex rental machines which have usually been serviced and maintained by them. These machines undergo a thorough cleaning, stripping down, and re-spraying process, where any worn or damaged parts are replaced or refitted as necessary.

Waste Management for Businesses

Waste management is an essential element of modern society with growing concerns surrounding the environment and the increasing volume of waste produced daily. While there are various techniques and methods available for waste management, the use of refurbished waste balers and compactors has emerged as an effective and sustainable approach to this pressing issue.

Waste balers and compactors are vital in helping you to organise and manage your waste materials more effectively. Balers compress and bind waste materials into compact bales, which are easier to handle, store, and transport. Equally, compactors reduce the volume of waste by compressing it into a more manageable size. With space and site tidiness often being an important consideration for businesses, this is definitely an advantage. By using these machines within a waste handling process, companies can achieve streamlined and cost-efficient waste disposal while reducing their environmental impact.

Incorporating refurbished machines into a waste management process can be a smooth and seamless transition. To begin, identify the waste materials most frequently generated by your business and determine the appropriate type and size of baler or compactor that would best suit your requirements.

For example, what volumes of waste are you producing and would a horizontal baler or vertical baler be better for you? Do you need something efficient at baling cardboard, wet waste or mixed waste? Are you tight on space and therefore would a space saving solution be more of a priority for you? Do you need a vertical baler with a low overall height?

Whatever your questions, connect with a trusted supplier such as Kenburn who can advise on the best solution for your needs.

Benefits of Refurbished Waste Balers and Compactors

bramidan refurb waste balerProperly disposing of waste is vital for environmental reasons, but a waste baler or compactor that has been refurbished, comes along with many other benefits.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a refurbished machine is that not only can you save money on the asset itself, but if the price of a new machine has previously been a barrier, you can still have a top quality machine, but for much lower price. Who doesn’t want to save their business money?

So let’s take a look at the benefits:

1) Cost Savings

As mentioned above, one of the most significant benefits of buying refurbished instead of new is the cost savings that come along with it. Refurbished equipment can provide the same functionality and performance as new equipment but at a much lower price.

This cost-saving is because the initial depreciation on the equipment has already occurred, meaning prices drop significantly. Furthermore, they have undergone repairs, parts replacement, and thorough maintenance checks, ensuring they will function effectively and efficiently for your waste handling needs.

2) Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

By choosing refurbished equipment over new, purchasing managers can contribute positively to a more sustainable supply chain.

This will help reduce the demand for new raw materials, which in turn reduces energy consumption and the production of greenhouse gas emissions associated with manufacturing new equipment.

In essence, opting for refurbished equipment can contribute to a smaller environmental footprint for your company or organisation, and also help promote a more cost-effective circular economy, where products are reused or recycled instead of being discarded.

3) Quality Performance with Professional Refurbishment

Whether your machine has been professionally and thoroughly refurbished is an important consideration when choosing your supplier. This refurbishment process should include a thorough inspection, replacing worn parts, and addressing any areas of the equipment that need attention.

A refurbished waste compactor or baler should perform just as well as a new unit.

4) Warranty and Support

Another concern that businesses may have about buying refurbished equipment is the availability of adequate warranty and support. Unlike many of their competitors, Kenburn offers a 12 month parts and labour warranty on all their refurbished machines and nationwide support throughout mainland UK.

This means that if any issues or faults arise with the equipment after the purchase, you will enjoy a great level of post-sale support. It is essential to choose a reputable company such as Kenburn to ensure you get the necessary support and after-sales service, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need more information on this point.

Overall, buying refurbished waste compactors and balers can yield many cost-effective benefits for your organisation. Not only will you save on initial purchase costs, but you will also be promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility.

With professional refurbishment, you can trust that the quality and performance of your equipment will be up to par with new units, and you can enjoy great warranty and support provisions. By considering these factors, businesses can effectively balance budgetary concerns with effective waste disposal practices.

Why buy from Kenburn?

Bergmann refurbishedKenburn is a leading provider of waste solutions in the UK, and they offer a range of refurbished waste balers and compactors to help businesses manage their waste more efficiently. They’ve been helping businesses save money of their waste costs for more than 35 years.

Here are some reasons why buying refurbished waste balers and compactors from Kenburn is a smart choice for your business:

  1. High-Quality Refurbishment: Kenburn’s team of skilled engineers ensures that all refurbished machines are thoroughly cleaned, stripped down, and re-sprayed to a high standard. Any worn or damaged parts are replaced or refitted as necessary, resulting in equipment that performs as well as new.
  2. Cost-Effective Solution: Buying refurbished waste balers and compactors from Kenburn is a cost-effective way to obtain reliable equipment for your business. Refurbished machines are typically much cheaper than new ones, making them a smart choice for businesses on a budget.
  3. Wide Range of Equipment: while stocks vary, Kenburn supply a range of refurbished waste balers and compactors, including vertical balers suitable for compacting many materials including cardboard and plastic, as well as portable and static compactors and horizontal balers. This variety means that you can find the right equipment to suit your business’s specific waste management needs.
  4. Warranty and Support: Kenburn offers a limited twelve-month parts and labour warranty on all new and refurbished equipment, subject to proper maintenance according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Additionally, they provide support and maintenance services to ensure that your equipment remains in good working condition.
  5. Environmentally Friendly: Opting for refurbished equipment means that you are contributing to a more sustainable waste management approach. By extending the lifespan of waste balers and compactors, you are reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, conserving valuable landfill space and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  6. Experience and Knowledge: Because Kenburn sell both new and refurbished options, they can use their wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure the needs of your business are met.

Types and Brands of Waste Balers and Compactors Available

waste baler refurbSince 1987, Kenburn Waste Management has built an enviable reputation as a leading supplier of top quality European waste handling machinery. Brands of new and refurbished balers and compactors include Europress, Bergmann, Bramidan and Avermann. Additionally, they supply a range of machinery manufactured for them in the UK under their own brand Kenburn Select, including horizontal balers and static compactors.

With high-quality refurbishment, cost-effective pricing, a wide range of equipment, warranty and support, and environmental benefits, Kenburns’ refurbished options offer a smart choice for businesses looking to manage their waste more effectively.

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