Industrial Companies Sector

In today’s business environment every element of a company’s activity has an effect on the bottom line. Inefficient waste handling is time

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Public Sector

The public sector comprises a broad range of services and institutions that supports our safety and well being. All these require fast and efficient

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Marine and Offshore Waste Solutions

Marine and Offshore Sector

All ships and offshore platforms with more than 15 people must comply with the MARPOL Annex 5 and the International Maritime Organization

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Hotel and Restaurants Sector

Efficient waste handling improves your hotel or restaurant’s daily efficiency and bottom line performance, and at the same time your guests’

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Storage and Logistics Sector

Warehouses and distribution centres are crucial crossroads where time is of the essence. Customers demand clockwork efficiency and there is no room

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Waste Management for Facilities Management Sector

The success of any waste handling or facility management contract depends on your ability to offer value adding and reliable services to your

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Retail Non Food Sector

The Retail non food sector concentrate on customers and sales areas. Therefore an efficient waste handling in the goods reception area is essential

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Retail Food Sector Waste Management

Retail food sector waste management allows businesses to focus on sales areas, not warehouse space. Efficient waste handling in the goods reception

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Business Sectors

Who uses Bramidan balers? Our broad product range easily answers the demands of many different businesses within a range of business sectors. If

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Avermann Baler Conveyor

Avermann Waste Baler Conveyors

Generally those waste handling operations that use a large Horizontal Baler have a very high throughput of material (anything up to 25 tonnes per

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