How Balers Work As an Effective Business Waste Management Solution

cardboard-baleWhen most people dream of starting their own businesses, they imagine what their premises might be like, contemplate the kind of customers or clients they hope to work with and think about how they could scale up their success to create a prosperous future. They very rarely envisage how they will deal with the by-products of doing business and very few entrepreneurs even contemplate a waste management strategy until they really need to.

What is a waste baler?

A waste baler is a simple and easy way to gather waste together and form it into small, compact bundles which are even tied together ready to be disposed of. Waste materials can be placed into the baler hatch as they are generated, meaning that the baler can be used as a waste storage space, and when it is full, it can be switched on and the material will be crushed into a handy bale which is tied with wire or plastic for easy removal and handling.

There are a number of different balers available which can deal with a range of different waste products, including cardboard, plastic, and tin cans, and there are also specialist machines which can extract valuable by-products from the waste.

How could using a baler save money?

For businesses which are in a position to recycle the majority of their waste, a baler provides an efficient way to collect, sort and store waste reducing the potential for cross-contamination and therefore making recycling easier. Because the waste can be sorted effectively, it could be used to raise additional revenue from recycling companies for materials you currently pay to have taken away. These recycling companies can pay up to £80 for an uncontaminated tonne of cardboard and £200 per tonne of clean plastic.

For businesses which are producing less waste, but are still spending £20 or more per week on having their refuse collected, a baler could save time and money when it comes to reducing the number of bins or skips needed and minimising landfill fees.

How can balers reduce costs?

Most businesses welcome any chance to reduce their overheads, but there are some operating costs that simply cannot be slashed. Companies that are seeking to find ways to minimise their expenses by reviewing their business practices could easily cut costs without any negative impact on their business. Waste management is one of the easiest ways for businesses to save what could be a significant sum of money and there are many ways to reduce your company’s expenditure through effectively dealing with the by-products of doing business.

There are a number of ways that waste management could boost your business’s finances: many councils offer financial incentives to businesses that reduce the amount of waste they send to landfill; disposal costs for the waste you do produce can be reduced; you may even be able to utilise the space available to you more effectively if the amount of waste you have to store is lessened.

What kind of baler is best for my business?

Any business that could benefit from streamlining their waste management processes should consider a baler, especially given that they can be rented flexibly to provide an opportunity to ascertain just how they could contribute to the efficiency of your business. For some operations, a complete overhaul of their waste management solutions might lead them to the conclusion that a baler should be included in their waste handling process.

Whether you want to save space, improve your green credentials, lower your bills or all three, it’s worth getting some expert advice on which type of baler would suit your business.

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