Why do all SMEs have a responsibility to dispose of waste compliantly?

Waste crime costs the UK around £560 million a year, with the majority of it being associated with waste from businesses, not from households.

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Managing Hazardous Waste: A Guide for Businesses

What is hazardous waste? Hazardous waste is any type of waste material that is potentially harmful or dangerous to human health and/or the

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What is Waste Management? Methods to Dispose of Business Waste

The UK generated a gargantuan 27.7 million tonnes worth of waste in 2016. Although this figure has substantially declined from the 32.8 million

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How to Select the Best Waste Baler for Your Business

Waste balers are high-calibre machines, designed to be safe, simple-to-use yet deliver significant cost savings, space savings and time. However, the

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Four Ways to Reduce Your Waste Management Costs

Every successful business has one thing in common – they recognise the value of cost-efficiencies and do whatever they can to maximise them. For

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How Balers Work As an Effective Business Waste Management Solution

When most people dream of starting their own businesses, they imagine what their premises might be like, contemplate the kind of customers or clients

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6 Ways to Reduce Waste in Commercial Environments

The volumes of waste produced by both commercial and public sector organisations can be staggering. Much of that waste could either be avoided

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How Can Businesses Reduce Waste?

The demand for business’ to become more environmentally friendly has grown rapidly. Waste management methods have become a necessity and the need

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EPS Granulator Supplied By Kenburn

EPS Granulator

This machine granulates expanded polystyrene (EPS) material It is suitable for any business wishing to dispose of bulky polystyrene waste. The EPS

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Portable Compactor

Avermann Compactor Bin Lifts

A Compactor Bin Lift is a useful addition to a Compactor where streamlined production is essential. Avermann Bin Lifts can either be supplied as an

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