Finalist at St Albans Chamber of Community Business Awards

We were delighted that Kenburn Waste Management was nominated and amongst the five finalists for the Hertfordshire Business Awards for the Green Business of 2018, sponsored by the St Albans… more

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How businesses of the future will tackle waste management

Businesses are right to be concerned by the cost and impact of the waste they produce. Not only is waste collection increasingly expensive, with landfill costs rising year on year,… more

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Finding the right compactor: how to save money on business waste

Managing waste effectively has become essential for all businesses: everyone wants to keep waste to a minimum and reuse and recycle as much as possible. Not only does this save… more

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What’s the cheapest way to dispose of business waste?

The poet J.H. Prynne wrote that “rubbish is pertinent; essential”: it is definitely essential for every business to know that they are disposing of waste as cheaply, efficiently and sustainably… more

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Baler rentals – fully inclusive on Balex balers

Baler Rentals with Kenburn Kenburn offers all machines in the Balex baler range on a fully inclusive rental agreement*.   With fully inclusive Balex baler rentals, there’s a minimum term of five years.  These rental… more

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4 ideas to help you run an environmentally friendly business?

Meeting our environmental responsibilities as a business, especially sustainable waste management, is more pressing than ever. Operating an environmentally friendly business is instrumental in creating and leading positive change amongst… more

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What is the best waste management solution for hotels?

Hotels face several challenges, from customer satisfaction to energy sustainability to waste management. It’s easy enough for guests, and enjoyable too; staying somewhere where they don’t have to clean up!… more

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Why do SMEs all have a duty of care and responsibility to dispose of waste compliantly?

Waste crime costs the UK around £560 million a year, with the majority of it being associated with waste from businesses, not from households. Waste crime usually falls into one… more

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Balex 50 Balers designed by Europress

Pictured here is two Europress Balex 50 balers being made ready for delivery to a new customer. They will soon be baling their waste cardboard and polythene with this efficient new baler,… more

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Transition to ISO 9001:2015 QMS Standard

Certified since 1995 to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard, Kenburn is delighted to announce the successful transition from the existing 2008 standard to ISO 9001:2015. The adoption of a quality… more

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Waste baler or compactor - which is right for my business?