Static Waste Compactors

Static Compactors are used for the on-site compression of waste materials. The extending ram in the Static Compactor compresses the waste in containers. The equation is simple - the less space your waste takes up, the fewer bins or skips it fills, and the less it will cost you to have it collected for disposal. 

Avermann SP12 Waste Compactor

Make waste management easy with a Static Compactor

Shrinking the volume of waste you dispose of will not only save your business money and improve your work environment, it’s also good for the environment in general with less land-fill space being used by compressed waste.

Our extensive range of Static Compactors means that we have the ideal type of Compactor for any business, big or small.

The ultimate in compacting waste

The Avermann static compactor is a solid and robust steel compactor designed to handle large volumes of waste. The floor and the sides up to the guidings are constructed from 8mm steel plate and the guidings are made from Teflon RCS1000. The upper filling area side walls are constructed from 3.8mm steel plate and are reinforced by rectangular pipes.

This low maintenance, electro-hydraulic waste compactor delivers efficient compaction with environmentally friendly way; both in terms of energy use and in improved waste disposal  performance.

Avermann SP12 Multiple Static Compactors
Avermann SP12 Waste Compactor

The benefits of our Static Compactors

  • Reduced waste disposal costs
  • Improved waste management system
  • Low maintenance, long lasting designs and components
  • Models to suit low and high volumes of waste

Our range of Static Compactors is manufactured in Germany by Avermann. With a full choice of sizes and configurations, there is a model to suit every business need.

Key features of the Avermann Static Compactor

  • High quality hydraulics
  • Handles wide variety of waste
  • Simple operation
  • Extensive safety features

Static compactors can be supplied with an integrated bin lift which is fitted at the time of manufacture, or an external bin lift.

Static Compactors are most commonly used for the compaction of large waste and recycling material. The press unit is firmly attached to the ground. Transport containers are attached to the press, where the processed material is compacted. As soon as the transport container is full, it is detached from the press and taken to waste disposal facilities.

An empty container can be then re-attached to the press. The stationary press and the transport containers can be attached to each other manually by means of hand ratchets or with the use of a hydraulically controlled cylinder. The transport containers can be closed also manually or with a hydraulic locking device.

If you are interested in the Avermann Static Compactor or any of our Static Compactor range please Contact Us Now and start saving money on waste management today!

Avermann static compactor

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