Bergmann Roto Compactor PS 800

Bergmann APS 800 roto compactor

The unique design of this square Bergmann roto compactor PS 800 allows continuous feeding of waste, even while the machine is in operation. The safety of the operator is not compromised. This means waste does not have to be stored or gathered before being treated – just put it straight into the Rotocompactor.

  • Bergmann PS800 compacts into 800 litre bags
  • The rotating head tears up the waste material into small pieces for easy compaction, achieving a compaction rate of up to 9:1 dependent upon waste steams
  • The equipment is suitable for continuous filling by conveyor belts or chutes and having a small footprint is easily located

The PS800 is particularly suited for refuse as well as general waste including packing foils, polystyrene, fruit boxes, cans, paper and cardboard.

The machine can be positioned close to where the waste is produced, saving handling costs.  The machine can also be fed whilst its compacting the waste.

Once the machine is full, the waste is emptied by removing the sacks of waste on a pallet.

PS800 Roto Compactor with compacted waste - Kenburn

Standard equipment

  • Drum for paper and cardboard boxes
  • Filling chute
  • Electrical protection system IP 44 (dust-proof, splash-proof)
  • Branded hydraulic pump
  • Working hour counter
  • Autotimer
  • Oil level monitoring
  • Overload protection


  • Pointed roof constructed from glass fiber reinforced plastic
  • Photo electric cell
  • Full message via horn or flashing light
  • Water sprinkling against dust formation
  • Ozone generator against unpleasant odors

The Bergmann roto compactor can be supplied with a range of drums according to the waste material being compacted. For information on the Bergmann PS800 or any other Bergmann products, please contact us.

Technical Information

  • Square format, hydraulically driven
  • Compacts into 800 litre bags
  • Small space requirement of only 1.10 x 1.60 m
  • Huge loading aperture (approx. 920 x 670 mm)
  • Enormously high processing capacity
  • Low operating noise of only max. 65 dBA in 1 m distance
  • Machine can be filled using chutes or conveyor belts 
  • Machine CE-certified

Technical Summary

Model PS800
Width of the machine mm 1.115
Depth of the machine mm 1.605
Height of the machine mm 1.970
Max. required space for handling - Width mm min 1.200
Max. required space for handling - Height mm min. 2.360
Electrical data  
Input voltage 400 V / 3 Ph
Frequency 50 Hz
Control voltage 24 V
Preliminary fuse on site 3 x 16 A K
Noise level approx. 76 dB(A) acc. to DIN 5045 (1m distance)
Total weight approx. 940 kg

Please note that the weight of this machine is 940kg and not 740kg as indicated on the brochure