Avermann SP16 Static Compactor

Avermann SP16 Static Compactor

The SP16 Static Compactor from Avermann has a charge box capacity of 1.3 cubic metres and a cycle time of 47 seconds. The Compactor will operate with containers from 8 cubic metres to 32 cubic metres, offering great flexibility.

The Compactor can be configured with a range of optional extra equipment such as feed hoppers and bin lifts. The Compactor would often be housed on the outside of a building, with the material coming from inside the building and being fed directly into the hopper.

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Avermann SP16 Compactor

Technical Information

  • charge box capacity of 1.3 cubic metres
  • cycle time of 47 seconds
Model SP16
Machine length 3265 mm
Machine width 2076 mm
Machine height* 1618 mm
Feed-opening length* 1635 mm
Feed-opening width* 1350 mm
Feeding height* 1270 mm
Dead weight* 3300 kg
Oil quantity 140 l
Volume per stroke/rpm 1.3 m³
Cycle time (idle) 47 sec
Drive capacity 7.5 kW
Press force 380 kN
*without hopper  
Electricity, Plug connector 3 x 400 V, N, PE/50 Hz CEE-5 x 32 A/6 h or direct connection
Fuse protection (on site) 32 A, slow; Control voltage: 24 V DC