Avermann 10P Portable Compactor

Avermann 10P Portable Compactor

This Chain-Lift (skip lift) Compactor from Avermann has a capacity of 10 cubic metres. With a charge-box size of 1 cubic metre and a cycle time of 43 seconds, it is quick and convenient to use. This model is also available as a hook lift (roll on roll off).

Integrated or attachable Bin Lifts are also available.

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Technical Information

  • Chain-Lift (skip lift) Compactor
  • Capacity of 10 cubic metres
  • Charge-box size of 1 cubic metre
  • Feed-opening cover: Protects the feeding area i.e. from rain water or from filling by unauthorised people
  • Round-up sealing on the rear-door and additional 4-point locking for a watertight discharging door
  • Optional modem connection to send the filling degree and/or fault codes by SMS, language or e-mail to the waste disposal company

Technical Summary

Model 10 P/E
Net capacity 10 m3
Machine length 4,410 mm
Machine width 2,020 mm
Machine height 2,500 mm
Dead weight 3,000 kg
Feed-opening width 1,570 mm
Feed-opening depth 1,000 mm
Feeding height 1,380 mm
Motor power 5.5 kW
Oil quantity 60 l
Capacity/working cycle 1.0 m3
Time/working cycle (empty 43 s
Press force 380 kN
Electric supply 3 x 400 V/50 Hz
Fuse protection on site 25 A, slow fuse
Externally mounted plug CEE-5 x 32 A/6h
Transport system Chain-lift