Avermann Portable Compactors

Compactor With Bin Lift

Avermann Portable Compactors do away with the need for a separate container, at the cost of reduced availability when the Compactor is away being emptied.

Portable Compactors are available in chain lift (skip lift), or roll-on/roll-off formats (hook lift). The smaller machines are usually chain lift and can be transported by skip loaders. Roll-on/roll-off portable compactors are typically larger and require suitably equipped trucks for transporting.

The Avermann range of Portable Compactors is available in a wide range of sizes. Just contact us to discuss your exact requirements.  Integrated or attachable Bin Lifts are also available for static and portables.

Key Features of Avermann Portable Compactors

  • Easy to operate
  • Easy loading
  • Minimal expansion of compacted material
  • Low noise operation
  • Low maintenance thanks to dirt/water resistant coating
  • Easy transportation

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Avermann portable compactor with bin lift

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Avermann 10P Portable Compactor

  • Chain-Lift (skip lift) Compactor
  • Capacity of 10 cubic metres
  • Charge-box size of 1 cubic metre
  • Feed-opening cover: Protects the feeding area i.e. from rain water or from filling by unauthorized people
  • Round-up sealing on the rear-door and additional 4-point locking for a watertight discharging door
  • Optional modem connection to send the filling degree and/or fault codes by SMS, language or e-mail to the waste disposal company
Avermann 20P Portable compactor

Avermann 20P Portable Compactor

  • Roll on / roll off (hook lift) Portable Compactor with a huge 20 cubic metre capacity
  • Charge box size of 1.3 cubic metres.
  • Optional ramp feeding, pendulum style rear door or side rear door
  • Optional front or side feeding, slanted or high side walls and individual opening mechanisms
  • Optional integrated bin lift
  • Optional web based message system for location and filling level indication