Bergmann APB 1620 Portable Compactor

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The APB compactors are highly efficient in compacting paper, cardboard packaging, plastics, and other dry materials, including refuse.

Bergmann Alpha Pack Bins (APB) are characterised by very high compaction results due to the linear position of the press cylinder and the continuous feeding in a large, easy to feed loading aperture.

Bergmann Portable Compactors are available in a wide range of sizes. Just contact us to discuss your exact requirements. Integrated Bin Lifts are also available.

Container capacity ranges from 14-22m³. One of our most popular machines is the Bergmann APB 1620 SN/20.


Container Capacity Range 14-22m³
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Technical Info

  • Designed and manufactured in Germany by Bergmann, with a pendulum roof for easy emptying
  • Ideal for compacting re-usable material like paper, cardboard, foils, etc.
  • Huge loading aperture 
  • Highest compaction due to the typically linear arrangement of the compaction cylinders so that waste is compacted to a minimum of the original volume
  • Comfortable operation by clearly arranged push buttons
  • Trouble-free emptying through pendulum roof
  • Negligible operating noise
  • Reduction of disposal costs of up to 75%
  • Long service life of the machine 
  • Drastic savings by reducing the number of disposal journeys to a minimum
  • Lowering of personnel costs for waste handling
  • Minimising the utility space for waste storage. Thus, saving on storage costs and storage areas for conventional containers

Standard equipment

  • Pick-up-system, pluggable and turnable in the front, thus fast and easy adjustment of the pick-up height by means of bolts on various unwinder types
  • Screwable pick-up-system in the back, thus pick-up height of 1,450 mm and 1,570 mm possible
  • Differential circuit for quick stroke periods
  • Pendulum roof for trouble-free emptying
  • Standard drip tray under hydraulic power pack
  • Central storm-water runoff
  • Autotimer
  • Oil level indicator and oil level monitoring
  • Overload protection
  • Working hour counter
  • Unproblematic retrofitting with a lid covering the loading aperture 
  • Hydraulically controlled and, thus, durable reversing valve
  • 2 front rollers and 2 rear rollers


  • ¾ full and/or 100% full signal 
  • Increased lateral walls in various designs
  • Full signal via GSM Module to user or contractor
  • Double hydraulic pump for even quicker stroke periods
  • Lid covering the loading aperture in the back or laterally attached (protects against filling by unauthorised persons and the penetration of rain water)
  • Rubber seal of the lid (reduces odours and provides water-tightness)
  • Lift-tipping-device, integrated for pivoting and/or comb lifting system (lifts the waste bin and tips the contents into the compactor)
  • Remote control via cables
  • Fire fighting point
  • Flap covering the control panel, lockable against vandalism

Technical Summary

Model Bergmann APB 1620 SN/20
Net volume (m³) 20.8
Machine length x width x height (mm) 6980 
Machine width (mm) 2523
Machine height (mm) 2580
Net weight (kg) 4950
Inlet height with hook up / with hook down (mm) 1570 and 1450
Maximum operating pressure (bar) 200
Loading aperture volume (mm) 4500
Motor power (kW) 5.5
Oil quantity (l)  
Blade face pressure approx  (N/cm²) 27.2
Stroke (secs) 36
Cylinder thrust (kN) 314
Electric supply 5.5kW/380-415 V/50Hz,
CEE-Plug 32 Amp,
Fuse 25A
Transport system Roll-on roll-off


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