Kenburn Select Series Compactors

With over 30 years' experience in helping customers manage and reduce their waste costs, we have carefully selected a range of compactors manufactured in the UK; the "Kenburn Select Series Compactors".  These machines are designed and built to last.

Kenburn Select KS300 Static compactor- through the wall 2 level hopper

Kenburn Select Static Compactors

Waste management made easy with a static compactor Static Compactors are used for the on-site compression of waste materials.  Waste is compressed into a container by the extending ram in… more

Kenburn Select Drum Compactor

Kenburn Select In Drum Compactor

The Kenburn Select In Drum Compactor compacts waste into 205-litre steel drums.  By compacting waste into the drum you can reduce waste disposal costs by getting much more material into each drum.… more