Bergmann APB 616 Portable Compactor

Bergmann APB 616

The Bergmann APB 616 is a portable compactor which is transported using a roll-on roll-off (hook lift) vehicle. The Bergmann compaction principle compacts cardboard boxes and re-usable materials very efficiently.The highest compaction results are achieved as a result of the linear arrangement of the hydraulic cylinders, that are mounted on the exterior and are therefore easily accessible for maintenance.

This design results in higher power transmissions of about 15% compared to the scissor-like compaction system. In other designs, a lack of cleaning can result in damage to the cylinders or hydraulic hoses, which is not a problem with the APB 616.

The compacting piston with the APB 616 consists of the main piston and two hinged cover plates. The machine is equipped with a high-powered compacting piston with a deep immersion area in the compaction container.

Bergmann APB 616 Portable Compactor
Bergmann APB 616 showing linear cylinders - Kenburn

The Alpha Pack bin APB 616 is transported by Roll-On-Off vehicles.  Due to the linear positioning of the hydraulic cylinders, excellent compaction results can be achieved.  Unlike the traditional cross cylinder principle, the cylinders of the APB 616 are mounted outside of the press chamber in an easy to assemble way. The horizontal linear design of the cylinders reduces the risk of damage.  The press piston on the APB 616 consists of a main piston and a hinged cover plate.  The APB 616 was developed with these linear cylinders which gives more than 15% more press force as cross-cylinder machines.

Pendulum roof – With the traditional self-press-container problems can be experienced with emptying cardboard and plastic foil, even if they have not  been highly compacted. The reason for this is not only the nature of the material, but because of the low cost construction of many competitors’ containers. To empty the compactor in these circumstances, it is often shaken by the truck until the material comes out, causing damage to the compactor. The APB 616 avoids these problems because of the pendulum roof that has especially developed to aid emptying the container. This free hanging roof gives additional space for the material when the container is tipped avoiding any clumping of the material.

Linear compaction – Because of the linear composition of the hydraulic cylinders, a 100% load transmission into the compaction material is achieved. With cardboard, a compaction weight of 4 to 5 tons in a 20 qm container can be achieved.

Ease of maintenance
 – The easy accessible and clearly arranged hydraulic aggregate simplifies all necessary maintenance and repair work.

Standard equipment

  • Pick-up-system, pluggable and turnable in the front, thus fast and easy adjustment of the pick-up height by means of bolts on various unwinder types
  • Screwable pick-up-system in the back, so a pick-up height of 1,450 mm and 1,570 mm is possible
  • Differential circuit for quick stroke periods
  • Pendulum roof for trouble-free emptying
  • Standard drip tray under hydraulic power pack
  • Central storm-water run-off
  • Auto-timer
  • Oil level indicator and oil level monitoring
  • Overload protection
  • Working hour counter
  • Unproblematic retrofitting with a lid covering the loading aperture
  • Hydraulically controlled and, thus, durable reversing valve
  • 2 front rollers and 2 rear rollers


Bergmann Portable Compactors are available in a wide range of sizes.

Just contact us to discuss your exact requirements.  Integrated Bin Lifts are also available.

For further details on this or any other Waste Compactorsplease contact us.

Technical Information

  • Huge loading aperture
  • High processing capacity
  • Bin with pendulum roof for trouble-free emptying
  • High compaction force due to linear arrangement of cylinders
  • Press plate guiding system with 100% compaction force over the full stroke length
  • High filling weights of, on the average 4.5 tons cardboard boxes in the APB 616 SN 20
  • Bottom of the loading aperture made of high-quality and wear-resistant steel
  • Front and rear pick-up hook variable in height for adjustment to all standard roll-off skip loaders
  • Durable, purely hydraulic drive unit with low-maintenance hydraulic block


  • Laterally fastened door with 3 central locks via easy-to-serve ratchet catch
  • Pendulum claws on the break edge and the large immersion depth of the compacting piston avoid that the waste streams back
  • Easily accessible hydraulic power pack above the compaction chamber through wing doors
  • Great stability with economic net weight
  • Skirting protection of the control elements for protection against damages
  • Bin is continuously welded
  • Circulation of the material due to special circulation edges at the discharge opening results in a high volume utilisation of the container
  • Completely “Made in Germany” by qualified and experienced staff

Technical Summary

Model Bergmann APB 616
  Optional Accessories
Special hooks - rear 1425 mm high The front plate is to be welded on approximately 25 mm deeper and the hook is to be mounted in the lower position. The rear hook can be screwed on and is provided with a centring device.
Special hooks - rear 1450 mm high The rear hook can be screwed on and is provided with a centring device. The front hook must be mounted in the lower position.
Rollers - 300 mm wide Robust front rollers, connected to the compaction area. 300 mm in width instead of 150 mm. The distance between the rollers is to be specified by the customer
Steel rollers The plastic rollers will be replaced by steel rollers of the same width (150 mm).
Deflector plate for hook A welded plate behind the hook avoids damages on the press section from the truck hook whilst driving backwards.
Additional pick-up system on both sides for roll-on roll-off vehicles with cable pick-up A cable pick-up on both sides is possible from the front and from the rear via an additional hook.
Hydraulic 75% full signal A yellow light illuminates on the operating keypad via a hydraulic signal which is activated by an oil pressure switch. This signals that the container is 75% full. The full signal for different fill-levels can be adjusted upon request by the customer.
Hydraulic 100% full signal A red light illuminates on the operating keypad via a hydraulic signal which is activated by an oil pressure switch. This signals that the container is 100% full. The full signal for different fill-levels can be adjusted upon request by the customer.
Side walls + L-shaped cover + limit switch shutdown Side walls are attached to the left hand side and the right hand side of the inlet opening. An L-shaped, torsion bar spring balanced cover with excentric locking mechanism and support pole close the inlet opening. Side walls and the L-shaped cover enable the machine to be operated even if the cover is closed. A limit switch turns the Pack-Bin off as soon as the cover is opened. Please note: The L-shaped cover is not intended for use with machines equipped with a bin-lift-tipping-device, as the BLT-device can then not be retracted for transportation purposes.
Safety bar in the front Safety bar over the filling area for the filling from ramp. The bar can be folded down for transport. Possible for one or two part lid.
Cover located over the inlet opening – attached at the rear The cover is produced from steel sheets which are 2 mm thick and is attached at the rear of the inlet opening. An excentric locking mechanism, a supporting rod with safety chain as well as a rubber stopper are part of the cover. Two gas strutts facilitate the opening of the cover. An additional bracket is required for the supporting rods if the cover will be opened to an angle of 90°.
Two-part cover – attached on the left hand side and the right hand side Both halves of the cover come equipped with a gas strutts each in order to facilitate the opening of the cover and also come with a supporting rod each. The rubber buffers serve as an end stop. The covers are locked into position with a excentric locking mechanism which ensures the safe transport. The covers can also be ideally used as a side wall height extension.
Side walls – attached on the left hand side and right hand side over the inlet opening The high side walls are made up of two side walls, each made from steel sheets which are 3 mm thick. The walls are approximately 650 mm in height. An L-shaped cover can be retrofitted at any time
Funnel located above the inlet opening The funnel which is located above the inlet opening is made up of two side walls as well as a front wall. These walls are each made out of steel sheets of 3 mm in thickness. The funnel is approximately 650 mm in height. A cover can be retrofitted at any time.
Additional remote control with 5 metre-long cable In addition to the standard operating keypad, you will receive a separate keypad including a metal protective housing and a 5 metre-long cable. The keypad will be connected to the machine via a 16-pin plug. The machine can then be operated via both keypads.
Integrated bin-lift-tipping-device 800 for bins with pinion pick-up and comb lift With this BLT bins with pinion and comb lift can be lifted, tipped and emptied. It is possible to tip bins with different comb heights. The BLT can be used to tip bins with a pinion height of 1260mm (according to DIN EN 840) or bins with a comb height of 980 to 1280 mm. The maximum load carrying capacity amounts to 700 kg. Due to safety reasons the operation of this device is to take place with both hands via a keypad. Please note: It is also possible to empty containers with a swing cover. However this only functions in combination with cover openers sales number 22000865 or sales number 22000870.
Cover opener for wheele bin with machine with cover This mechanical cover opener is intended for the 1.1 m³ wheelie bin with swing cover as according to the DIN 30700 regulation. This enables the container cover to be automatically opened and closed during the tipping process.
Guiding rails The guiding rails are suitable for centring roll-on roll-off container or compactors on a flat and solid ground as e.g. concrete. The ground will be protected from damages. The rails of container or compactor have to be min. 180mm high. Different lengths are available: 4.500mm, 5.300mm, 5.500mm, 6.000mm, 6.700mm, 7.200mm.