Bergmann Railed Jumbo Roll Packer

Bergmann Jumbo Roll Packer on rails

The Railed Jumbo Roll Packer from Bergmann can  be flexibly configured to service a number of containers where they are in fixed locations – for example at a Household Recycling Centre. The Jumbo is mounted on a set of rails fixed perpendicular to the containers. Once operational, the Jumbo simply traverses the containers on the fixed rails.

The Railed Jumbo operates the same as any other Jumbo Roll Packer, with the special rotating drum gripping and tearing the waste material to reduce its bulk by a factor of many times. In use in many municipal sites around the country, the Railed Jumbo has proven itself to be highly efficient and cost effective.

Bergmann Railed Jumbo Roll Packer
Bergmann Railed Jumbo Roll Packer

It is possible to use open containers up to a length of 7,000 mm and a height of 1,900 to 2,700 mm. With a special construction, it will be possible to reach containers up to a height of 3,100 mm.  Hydraulic motors and a helical gear box are inside the compaction drum. The motors are driven by a hydraulic system which automatically controls the drum moving alternately forward and backward to compact the waste layer by layer.

The machine breaks and tears up the waste in a row and compacts it layer by layer in a very effective way. Due to the heavy drum with special teeth the machine is able to compact even high quantities of waste within shortest time to a minimum of the original volume. The Roll-Packer Transfer-Station is particularly suited for bulky and voluminous waste as wooden boxes, pallets, big cardboard, bulky waste, green waste which is collected separately in different containers.

The movement of the compaction unit from one container to the other is achieved electrically by means of a gearbox motor and a robust chain tension. The machine can be operated on a flat or gently incline. The must be paved (blacktop, pavement, firm gravel etc.).

The electrical connection can be mounted either on the left or right hand side of the track (32 A CEE plug). The power supply of the basic machine is carried out by a cable retractor with a cable length of up to 15 m (optionally different cable lengths are possible).

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Technical Information

  • Jumbo Roll Packer mounted on transverse rails
  • Services multiple containers positioned in bays
  • Ideal for household recycling centres

Technical Summary

Model Roll Packer Transfer Station
dimensions approx. (without container) machine width 3.100 mm (per container track)
machine height 6.650 mm
machine length 4.200 mm
drum diameter 1.150 mm
container height 1.900 mm to 2.700 mm
compacting length approx. 6.600 mm, adjustable
input voltage 220-240 V / 380-415 V
frequency 50 Hz
control voltage 24 V
pre-fuse on site 3 x 25 A
degree of protection IP 54 according to DIN 40 050
noise level approx. 72 dB(A) according to DIN ISO 3746 (5 m distance)
compaction weight 1.200 kg
effective load 1.550 kg
overall weight 4.250 kg