Bergmann Jumbo Roll Packers


Save money on waste disposal costs

The key benefits to you of using the Bergmann Jumbo Rollpacker are that you can start reducing your disposal costs and CO2 emissions straight away and save money on your waste disposal costs by dramatically reducing the number of skip lifts.

Bergmann Jumbo Roll Packers can dramatically reduce waste costs!

The rolling compaction drum for compacting waste material is a Bergmann invention and the technology has been in service for over 30 years.

The series of Roll Packers has been expanded from the static Jumbo Roll Packer which is stationary in one open container, to rail mounted systems for multiple containers in a row, through to a mobile system that can be used for several displaced containers.

Bergmann Jumbo Roll Packer
Bergmann Jumbo Rollpackers

Continuous loading during compaction

Prior to compaction, the open container is loaded with the first layer of waste, which the heavy drum then breaks up, shreds and compacts. During compaction, the container can be loaded with further layers.

Typically, the container can be filled with five times more waste material than without compaction with the Jumbo Roll Packer.

See the Bergmann Jumbo Roll Packer in action:

Efficient, time saving operation

  • Container lifts reduced –efficient compaction up to 5 times the volume of waste with up to 4 out of 5 disposal trips eliminated
  • No mess – direct feeding into container eliminates need for storage prior to disposal 
  • Continuous operation and loading directly into open containers minimises labour costs
  • Simple operation – operators use robust push button controls to operate the machine
  • Fast container changeover – replacing a full container with an empty one is fast and simple
  • Fast loading – pre shredding, cutting or folder large volume waste is not necessary with large quantities of bulky waste handled without any problem.

Durability & Design

  • Solid construction – designed for long life, minimising cost of ownership
  • Sophisticated technology with a hydraulic drive – results in low maintenance costs


  • Certified staff training included in installation charge – operators receive the training they need to safely operate the machine.  Further training can be provided when needed
  • Vandal proof cover over controls (optional) –  machine can only be used by authorised employees
  • Fully interlocked safety push bars to sense container in position – machine will only run when container present
  • Quiet operation – low operating noise levels ensures a more comfortable environment for the operator and anyone nearby
  • CE Marked – these machines are designed to provide European compliance
Bergmann Jumbo Roll Packer
Bergmann BJRP refurbished for Amcor - Kenburn

Efficient, time saving operation

The range of Jumbo Roll-Packers from Bergmann can compact an astonishing range of materials and can achieve spectacular compaction ratios, using a specially constructed rolling drum with hardened steel teeth to tear up the waste material.

Jumbos are particularly suitable for bulky waste, including wooden pallets, furniture and window frames.

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Bergmann Jumbo Roll Packer

Bergmann Jumbo Roll Packer

  • ideal compactor for voluminous and bulky waste material of all types
  • suited to the compaction of pallets and wood waste, including window frames and cable drums
  • Compaction ratio of up to 5:1
  • Container can be filled continuously even during the compaction process
Bergmann Electric Jumbo Rollpacker

Bergmann Electric Jumbo Roll Packer

  • suited to the compaction of pallets and wood waste, including window frames and cable drums
  • Compaction ratio of up to 5:1 and the container can be filled continuously even during the compaction process
  • There's much less noise with the electric model -there's no hydraulic noise; only the cracking sound of the compaction material.
  • Since the electric model has no valves, valve block or dirt, there are less components that can fail
  • With the electric model, maintenance costs are reduced: there's no oil or filter to change, no hoses to change, it's easy to make adjustments, there are no pumps that wear.