Bergmann Wet Waste Compactors

Kenburn supplies the full range of Bergmann Wet Waste Compactors in the MPB range to help solve the problem of compacting wet and smelly waste, whilst achieving high levels of compaction. These Compactors are fully sealed, including the door, and are self cleaning thanks to the pendulum blade reaching under the waste material which means that there is no 'cleaning hatch' to maintain. This pendulum blade technology was designed by Bergmann more than 35 years ago and in our opinion has not been bettered.

All Bergmann Wet Waste Compactors are tested before leaving the factory by being filled with water – to pass, not one drop is allowed to escape. Odours are minimised and the effluent is contained, resulting in a safer and cleaner working environment for the customer.

Key benefits of this range of MPB compactors include high levels of compaction, hygienic self cleaning, ease of emptying and continuous filling.

Ideal for wet and smelly waste

If the waste is for example food, this can lead to bad odours and contamination of the working environment. In particularly bad cases there can also be problems with vermin.

MPB 414 wet waste compactor

Bergmann MPB Wet Waste Compactors in action:

MPB 414 wet waste compactor

Standard equipment

  • Double hydraulic pump
  • Pick-up-system, pluggable and turnable in the front, thus fast and easy adjustment of the pick-up height by means of bolts on various unwinder types
  • Screwable pick-up-system in the back, thus pick-up height of 1,450 mm and 1,570 mm possible
  • Pre-installed for an integrated lift-tipping-device – no welding is necessary during retrofitting
  • Autotimer
  • Oil level monitoring
  • Overload protection
  • Working hour counter
  • Unproblematic retrofitting with a lid covering the loading aperture
  • Hydraulically controlled and, thus, durable reversing valve
  • Front and rear rollers
  • TÜV/GS approved

Bergmann Wet Waste Compactor type MPB with loading bucket

Optional Accessories

  • ¾ full and/or 100% full signal
  • Full signal via GSM Module to you or disposer
  • Certified watertightness through liquid filling
  • Manually or hydraulically operated lid covering the loading aperture in various versions (protects against filling by unauthorised persons and the penetration of rain water)
  • Rubber seal of the lid and/or discharge opening reduces odors and avoids the penetration of rain water
  • Hydraulic lift-tipping-device integrates for pivoting and/or comb lifting system (the waste bin lifts and tilts the contents into the compactor)
  • Remote control via cables
  • Photo electric cell in the filler area (machine starts, as soon as waste is thrown into the funnel tube)
  • Fire fighting point
  • Drainage device
  • Plus a further range of optional extras
APB 1620 portable compactor

The Bergmann wet waste compactors in the MPB range has been designed specifically to handle wet waste.  These MPB waste compactors are the ideal solution if waste materials have a high moisture content and leakage of effluent results when the material is compacted.

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MPB 414 wet waste compactor

Bergmann MPB 414 Wet Waste Compactor

  • Smaller Portable Compactor, transported via skip lift (chain lift)
  • Container capacity ranges from 8-12m³
  • Can be supplied with an integrated bin lift if required
MPB 918 wet waste compactor

Bergmann MPB 918 Wet Waste Compactor

  • A larger machine which transported via a roll-on/roll-off (hook lift) vehicle
  • Container capacity ranges from 14-20m³
  • Can be supplied with an integrated bin lift if required.