Kenburn KV500 Waste Baler

The Kenburn KV500 Waste Baler  is ideal for use in large retail outlets or industrial companies and is suitable for baling a range of materials, including cardboard.

The machine is simple to use – just press the Start button and walk away.

Kenburn’s Select Series Waste Balers provide a cost effective waste management solution, without compromising on quality.  Designed and manufactured in Great Britain, these machines are well built, simple in function and operator use, and represent outstanding value for money.

Mill Size waste baler with high capacity

It also features a double push system, allowing the waste to breathe, before re-compacting, allowing more waste to be compacted per bale.  Its powered from a standard 32 amp 3 phase socket and doesn’t start the 415v motor at any time unless operating a function, making the machine more energy efficient.

Efficient, time saving operation

  • Large filling opening– labour costs are minimised due to faster loading of the machine and even fairly large boxes therefore won’t need to be broken down
  • Automatic ejection – the highly compressed bale is automatically discharged onto a pallet ready for easy transportation, saving operator time
  • Material retainer barbs – reduce spring back of compacted material allowing larger volumes of additional waste to be loaded more quickly
  • Easy to use – machine is easy to use
  • Solid construction – machine is well constructed, minimising your cost of ownership


  • Certified staff training included in installation charge – operators receive the training they need to safely operate the machine
  • Secure door closure – ensures safe operation for your staff when compacting material or removing bales
  • Twin channel safety relay and Magnetic safety switch – ensures the machine cannot be operated with the door open
  • Quiet operation – ensures a more comfortable environment for the operator and anyone nearby 
  • CE Marked – machines are designed to provide European compliance

If you would like to know more about the KV500 or any of our other Vertical Balers and how they can improve your waste management please contact us.

Technical Information

  • Bale weight (kg) approx 500
  • 32 amp 3 phase socket
  • Dimensions H x D x W (mm) 3600 x 1085 x 2100
  • Designed and manufactured in Great Britain
  • Well constructed & solid design
  • Large filling opening – ideal for handling bulky waste
  • Ideal for paper and cardboard
  • Bale is ejected automatically
  • Energy efficient – the machine only operates for the specific time required for the cycle
  • An indicator light tells you when the machine is compacting or retracting
  • Twin channel safety relay coupled with a Magnetic safety switch ensures the machine cannot be operated with the door open

Technical Summary

Model KV500
Press force (t) 30
Power supply 415V 50Hz 4 Pole 3 phase 15 Amps
Motor (kW) 7.5
Noise level (dB) 75
Cycle time (sec) 24
Dimensions HxDxW (mm) 3600 x 1085 x 2100
Depth with door open (mm) 2680
Width with door open (mm) 2400
Pump High efficiency external gear pump
Weight (kg) 2200
Loading door height (mm) 1200
Loading door opening (mm) 600 x 1320
Bale size WxDxH (mm) 1520 x 770 x 1050
Bale weight approx (kg) up to 500kg

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Europress Balex 50 baler

Europress Balex 50 Waste Baler

  • Bale weight cardboard (kg) up to 500
  • Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 2500 x 2060 x 1590 - Low height & very low noise 59 (dB)
  • Cross cylinder design • 50 ton compaction
  • Key operated lock switch fitted as standard
  • Two modes of operation, one for cardboard and the other for plastics