Horizontal Waste Balers

Our Horizontal Balers are versatile, cost effective and efficient and should form an integral part of any waste management chain. By removing and baling recyclable waste from your general waste you will save space, time and money.

Our Balers are highly reliable, built to last and are low on energy usage, making them extremely cost-effective to run. Most of our horizontal balers produce mill size bales to optimise your waste compaction and collection.

Versatile, cost efficient balers

Avermann Horizontal Balers are versatile and highly reliable and offer a wide range of solutions.

Please take a look at the AVOS checksheet which will help you identify which Avermann baler is suitable for your waste streams and the brochure detailing the range of fully automatic balers with automatic binding and semi automatic balers with manual binding

We also supply Avermann Conveyor systems for loading.

Exceptional Build Quality

Waste material is typically loaded onto a conveyor and fed into a feeding chute on the horizontal baler. The press cycle is activated by a light-sensitive barrier integrated into the feeding chute. The speed of the press-ram is controlled by the pressure values.

The overall pressing cycle is controlled and adapted to the pressure, time and distance parameters. The press-ram is retracted automatically to the basic position on completion of the press cycle and the pressing cycle restarts.

Longevity and low power requirement as well as high machine reliability guarantee highly efficient Avermann horizontal balers. These high-performance balers are fitted with output-controlled drive pumps. They consume less energy at the maximum performance level.

Semi or Fully Automatic Balers

All models in the range offer pre-programmable electrical control systems, semi or fully automatic bale tying and a variety of optional extras that can configure these modular machines to exact customer requirements.

With our comprehensive pre and  post sales service you can be assured that you’ll have a top quality Baler for years to come.

The benefits of our Horizontal Baler range

  • Fully-automatic baling cycle
  • Semi and fully-automatic wire tying
  • Highly efficient, low-noise operation
  • Reliable, low maintenance machines

Horizontal balers are the best solution for handling large volumes of packaging materials or waste. The bales produced can be manually binded by the operator or fully automatically by the machine.

Storage space can be kept to a minimum with such highly-compacted bales and they can be transported in cost effectively. With our comprehensive pre and  post sales service you can be assured that you’ll have a top quality Baler for years to come.

If you want to know more about our Horizontal Balers and what they can do for your business please contact us.  Our range of Horizontal Balers for sale can be purchased or rented.

Related Products

AVOS 181 ALK - Kenburn

Avermann AVOS 141 / 181

  • Semi automatic
  • Throughput to 4.5 tonnes per hour
  • 4 wire ties
  • Bale weights up to 600kg
  • Extremely compact
Avermann AVOS 147K Horizontal Baler With Cross Binding supplied by Kenburn

Avermann AVOS 147

  • Semi automatic
  • Throughput to 4.5 tonnes per hour
  • 50 Tonne press force
  • Cross Binding option for foam
  • Bale weights up to 600kg
  • Robust design for long life
AVOS 88 11 30 horizontal baler

Avermann AVOS 88 / 108

  • Fully automatic
  • AVOS 108 throughput to 7.5 tonnes per hour
  • 3 wire ties
  • Ideal where space is limited
  • Bale weight approx 250kg
Avermann AVOS 1211 Horizontal Baler supplied by Kenburn

Avermann AVOS 1211

  • A fully automatic lower cost version of the 1410, suitable for cardboard only
  • Throughput to 6.5 tonnes per hour
  • Fully automatic
  • 4 wire ties
  • Bale weights up to 400 kg
AVOS 1410 45 80

Avermann AVOS 1410

  • A fully automatic Baler for high volume processing
  • Fully automatic for the large scale producer or recycler
  • Bale weights to 600kg
  • Throughput to 24 tonnes per hour
Avermann AVOS 1810 Horizontal Baler supplied by Kenburn

Avermann AVOS 1810

  • Fully automatic
  • Four models in the range with varying specifications
  • Bale weight up to 700kg
  • Throughput to 28.5 tonnes per hour
Avermann AVOS 2010 B5

Avermann AVOS 2010

  • Fully automatic
  • Extremely large feeding hopper cross section
  • Bale size 1.1 x 1.1 m
  • Two separate drive units
  • Pressing force up to 1700 kN
  • Throughput to 40 t/h