Avermann AVOS 147

The Avermann AVOS 147 is a robust, heavy duty Horizontal Baler. Ideal for pressing paper, plastic cardboard and other waste products quickly and straightforwardly it is the perfect baler for improving waste management and boosting recycling revenue from large volumes of waste.

Traditionally constructed to ensure supreme usability and reliability this adaptable Horizontal Baler also provides the option of horizontal, vertical and cross binding of bales using steel or plastic straps meaning that you can bale in line with your needs and your budget. The AVOS 147K pictured above has cross binding.

Optional Special Equipment

  • Single bale eject
  • Material re-holder
  • Feeding chute
  • Hydraulically driven pre-press flaps
  • Feeding conveyor belt
  • Bin lift

There are two models in the range with varying throughput and binding: AVOS 147-15/50 and the AVOS 147 K-15/50 EBA.

If you are interested in the AVOS 147 or any of our Horizontal Baler range please feel free to get in touch with us today.

Technical Information

  • Semi automatic
  • Throughput to 4.5 tonnes per hour
  • 50 Tonne press force
  • Cross Binding option for foam
  • Bale weights up to 600kg
  • Robust design for long life
  • High performance, solid construction
  • Electro-hydraulic drive
  • Simple operation
  • Big feeding hopper
  • Hydraulic door lock with damped opening mechanism
  • High bale weight with constant bale length
  • Suitable for large volumes of waste
  • Automatic channel adjustment
  • Conveyor belt makes filling emptying simple and fast
  • Manual binding with plastic straps or steel wire: 4 fold horizontally
  • Manual cross binding: 3 fold vertically and 4 fold horizontally

Technical Summary

Model AVOS 147-15/50
Machine length 6280 mm
Machine width 1700 mm
Machine height 2431 mm
Feeding hopper cross section 1400 x 700 mm
Dead weight approx. 6500 kg
Bale size (W x H) 750 x 1150 mm
Bale weight* up to 600 kg
Binding 4-fold horizontally
Cycle time (empty) 41 sec
Idle speed capacity (theoretically) 99 m3 /h
Throughput** 35 kg/m³ (cardboard) 2.0 t/h
Throughput** 60 kg/m³ (cardboard, paper 3.5 t/h
Throughput** 100 kg/m³ (newspapers) 5.9 t/h
Specific press force 58.0 N/cm2
Press force 500 kN
Drive capacity 15 kW
Bale length 1200 mm
Electricity 3 x 400 V, N, PE/50 Hz
* depending on bale length and material  
** relating to apparent weight  
Bale length 1200 mm
Electricity 3 x 400 V, N, PE/50 Hz