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Bergmann MPB 405 Refurbished Wet Waste Compactor


The MPB405 Portable Wet Waste Compactor for skip lift/chain lift vehicles from Bergmann is perfect in situations where moderate volumes of high moisture-content waste are produced. This is typically food or food by-product waste. Unless the Compactor is fully sealed, this type of waste will produce odours and seepage of fouled water or effluent.

Bergmann’s Wet Waste Compactors are fully sealed, including the doors, guaranteeing to eliminate seepage and minimise odours.

And once the Compactor is full, indicated by a warning light, the Compactor is simply taken away for emptying.


Dimensions W x L x H (mm) 1,990 x 4,500 x 2,330
Weight compaction roller (kg) 2,750
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Technical Info

  • Smaller Portable MPB 405 Compactor, transported via skip lift (chain lift)
  • Container capacity ranges from 6-14m³
  • Can be supplied with an integrated bin lift if required

Technical Summary

Model Bergmann MPB 405 SN/10 (chain / skip lift)
Container Capacity (m³) 9.6
Loading Aperture Capacity (m³) 2.0
Press Capacity per cycle (m³) 0.65
Cycle time (sec) 35
Cylinder thrust (kN) 205
Operating Pressure (bar) 150
Blade face pressure(N/cm²) 21.6
Total weight (kg) 2,750
Length (mm) 4,500
Width (mm) 1,990
Height (mm) 2,330
Loading aperture height (mm) 1,490
Loading aperture length (mm) 1,000
Loading aperture width (mm) 1,400
Electrical Data 5.5kW, 400V 50Hz 3 phase connector CEE-Form 32 A(5 x 2.5mm²) TUV, GS, CE

Additional Info

BergmannMPB-405-SN10-with-bin-lift-2aThe pendulum blade design ensures cleanliness without the accumulation of refuse deposits on the outside. The MPB can be continuously charged, because the packer blade passes under the waste that has been thrown in on its return cycle, pushing it into the bin on its forward cycle. Optimum Compaction is achieved, while the operation noise generated by the MPB is extremely low. Years of experience and constant improvement has resulted in the combination of the most economical net weight with great strength. The MPB is fitted with a robust hydraulic unit

Container capacity ranges from 6-14m³. One of our most popular Wet Waste machines in this range is the Bergmann MPB 405 SN/10

A range of accessories are available when ordered with the machine including: watertight finish, hydraulic 75% and 100% full signals, drainage plug, integrated pinion and comb lift bin lifts and bin lid openers and special RAL paint.

MPB Wet Waste Compactor in action:

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MPB 405 Hook Lift Compactor

The Bergmann MPB 405 portable is also available as a small hook lift compactor and can be supplied with an integrated bin lift if required. It is available in sizes ranging from 7 to 13m³


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