Bergmann MPB 918 SN18 West Waste Compactor (1)
Bergmann MPB 918 SN18 West Waste Compactor (3)
Bergmann MPB 918 SN18 West Waste Compactor (4)
Bergmann MPB 918 SN18 Wet Waste Compactor (2)
Bergmann MPB 918 SN18 Wet Waste Compactor (3)

Bergmann MPB 918 Wet Waste Compactor

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We believe Bergmann produce the finest Wet Waste Compactors on the market – these machines are completely watertight. Key features of the MPB range are hygienic self-cleaning, the easy emptying and the continuous filling.

These self-cleaning compactors are ideal for residual and wet waste. The roll on/ roll off (hook lift) MPB 918 SN20 has a huge 20 cubic metre capacity.

Available in any RAL colour, the MPB range from Bergmann can be supplied with integral Bin Lift. They can also be supplied with safety cages to ensure safe operation.

Bergmann Wet Waste Portable Compactors are available in a wide range of sizes. Container capacity ranges from 14-20m³.


Container Capacity Range 14-20m³
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Technical Info

  • A larger machine which transported via a roll-on/roll-off (hook lift) vehicle
  • Container capacity ranges from 14-20m³
  • Can be supplied with an integrated bin lift if required.

Technical Summary

Model Bergmann MPB 918 SN/20
Container Capacity (m³) 19.4
 Capacity charge box (m³) 2.5
Displaced volume (m³) 0.75
Forward / return cycle speed (sec) 14 / 15
Cylinder thrust (kN) 393
Blade face pressure(N/cm²) 39
Total weight (kg) 4675
Length (mm) 6350
Width (mm) 2576
Height (mm) 2648
Loading aperture height (mm) 1650
Loading aperture length (mm) 1076
Loading aperture width (mm) 1800
Electrical Data 5.5kW, 400V 50Hz 3 phase connector CEE-Form 32 A 

Additional Info

MPB-918-wet-waste-compactor-3A system designed by Bergmann over 40 years ago results in cleanliness without external refuse deposits. The MPB can be fed continuously, because the swing piston crosses below the waste that is fed during backstroke. This drops in front of the press plate and is pressed into the container on the pre-stroke.

The MPB piston is mounted oscillating and is moved by two robust hydraulic cylinders. The outline of the piston is shovel-shaped. During the backward stroke the piston goes under the material and throws it in front of the piston. During the forward stroke the material is first pushed into the container and then compacted. As a result of the construction, the material cannot reach under the piston and therefore cleaning work in front of and under the piston blade are not required. As the hydraulic cylinders are mounted in the upper part of the compaction unit, they do not come into contact with the waste and are not attacked by acids or other dangerous substances.

MPB-918-wet-waste-compactor-rear-viewA new feature of the MPB 918 is that it is now possible to lubricate internal bearing from the outside. Also, the hydraulic unit can be pulled out to the side, which means that maintenance and repair work can be carried out easily from the outside. The main switch and the motor protection switch can also be operated from the outside.

The focus of the Bergmann 918 containers is on high strength with the lowest weight. The construction is based on a double tapered container. The tapers are conically in the the pressing direction and to the container roof, which facilitates the emptying of the contents. Additionally, all closures and fittings are galvanized to protect them from the weather. The MPB 918 is equipped as standard with a pendulum flap mounted at the top. The door is opened and closed using a toggle and ratchet including a standard ratchet extension (approx 1700mm). The galvanized lock ratchet is attached on the right in the pressing direction.

MPB-918-wet-waste-compactor-2The mounting bracket on the front is foldable as standard and adjustable for two heights: 1450mm / 1570mm. The MPB 918 is equipped as standard with 4 plastic rollers (w. 160mm). NB. The bracket on the discharge door is only used for shunting and NOT for transport on the transport vehicle and is attached at a height of approx 1450mm to 1570mm.

The Mobile-Pack-Bins (MPB) are characterised by high compaction results and long service lives. Thus, the machines are not only very economic, but they also make a valuable contribution to the reduction of CO2 levels.

Conventional compaction systems for self press containers require regular cleaning. If this work is not carried out regularly (typically weekly) or is neglected, this can cause malfunctions. With the Bergmann compactors, cleaning work behind or under the piston is not necessary saving labour costs.

Key Features

  • Huge loading aperture (approx. 1800 x 1075 mm)
  • High processing capacity of 0.75 m3 per working stroke
  • Lateral concave container for trouble-free emptying
  • High compaction force, 390 kN with MPB 918 ST 20
  • Double hydraulic pumps, producing a compactor stroke in only 16 seconds
  • Durable, two-stage hydraulic drive unit with maintenance-free central hydraulic block
  • Compaction chamber and press plate constructed from extremely high steel strengths
  • Front pick-up hook variable in height for adjustment to all standard roll-off skip loaders
  • Solid pendulum discharge door, triple-fastened, with extended, easily manageable ratchet catch (ideal during shelter filling)
  • Pendulum claws on the break edge and the large immersion depth of the compacting piston avoid that the waste streams back
  • Easily accessible hydraulic power pack above the compaction chamber facilitates the access for service operations
  • Great stability with economic net weight
  • Machine TÜV/GS and CE-certified
  • Skirting protection of the control elements for protection against damages
  • Container is continously welded
  • Circulation of the waste due to rounding at the discharge opening. Therefore, high filling weights are assured
  • The bottom of the compactor is constructed out of highly wear-resistant high-grade steel


Standard equipment

  • Double hydraulic pump
  • Pick-up-system, pluggable and turnable in the front, thus fast and easy adjustment of the pick-up height by means of bolts on various unwinder types
  • Screwable pick-up-system in the back, thus pick-up height of 1,450 mm and 1,570 mm possible
  • Pre-installed for an integrated lift-tipping-device – no welding is necessary during retrofitting
  • Autotimer
  • Oil level monitoring
  • Overload protection
  • Working hour counter
  • Unproblematic retrofitting with a lid covering the loading aperture 
  • Hydraulically controlled and, thus, durable reversing valve
  • Front and rear rollers
  • TÜV/GS approved


Optional Accessories

  • ¾ full and/or 100% full signal 
  • Full signal via GSM Module to owner or contractor
  • Certified water tightness through liquid filling
  • Manually or hydraulically operated lid covering the loading aperture in various versions (protects against filling by unauthorised persons and the penetration of rain water)
  • Rubber seal of the lid and/or discharge opening reduces odors and avoids the penetration of rain water
  • Hydraulic lift-tipping-device integrates for pivoting and/or comb lifting system (the waste bin lifts and tilts the contents into the compactor)
  • Remote control via cables
  • Photo electric cell in the filler area (machine starts, as soon as something is thrown into the funnel tube)
  • Fire fighting point
  • Drainage device

Other additional accessories include: plastic rolls in front (300mm), plastic rolls at rear (300mm), rolls in front (height 180mm) roll away protection, special outside distance of rollers at rear, special outside rollers in front, steel rollers instead of plastic rollers, 80mm rollers on the front, integrated in rails instead of standard rollers / hook on the rear, cable lift system in front and at rear, cover including automatic opener for MPB cover with integrated lift tipping device, lid opener for roller bins with swinging lid with cover on MPB, guide rails and special RAL paint.

MPB Wet Waste Compactor in action:

One of our most popular Wet Waste machines in this range is the Bergmann MPB 918 SN/20

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