Bergmann Electric Jumbo Roll Packer

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As with the hydraulic model, the electric jumbo roll packer RP 7700 E can be fed continuously, even during the compaction process. Compaction is achieved by a heavy drum, with highly wear resistant teeth, that rolls forwards and backwards in an open roll off container.

The operation and adjustment of the travelling length is controlled via the control panel on the left side of the machine (view from the rear).

If you want to streamline your waste management system, you don’t need to look any further than the Bergmann Jumbo Roll Packer from Kenburn Waste Management.

The Bergmann Jumbo Roll Packer is the ideal compactor for voluminous and bulky waste material of all types.


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Technical Info

  • Ideal compactor for voluminous and bulky waste material of all types
  • Suited to the compaction of pallets and wood waste, including window frames and cable drums
  • Compaction ratio of up to 5:1
  • Container can be filled continuously even during the compaction process

Technical Summary

Model Electric Jumbo Roll Packer
Empty weight 3700 kg
Compaction weight 1620 kg
Electrical Data 4.4 kW/ 400 V / 50 Hz
Container minimum / maximum height 2500mm (optional 3100mm)
Required space (without container) w: 3000 mm l: 4900 mm h: 6600 mm

Additional Info

Key advantages of the electrical model compared with the hydraulic machine

Since the electric model has no valves, valve block or dirt, there are less components that can fail.

Maintenance costs are reduced: there’s no oil or filter to change, no hoses to change, it’s easy to make adjustments, there are no pumps that wear.

There’s much less noise.   There’s no hydraulic noise; only the cracking sound of the compaction material.

Even more environmentally friendly: with no oil leakages, no need to dispose of old oil or filters, no old hoses.

See the Bergmann electric Jumbo Roll-Packer in action:

Lower energy costs on the electric BJRP

Bergmann tested the energy consumption of both the hydraulic and the new electric version of the Jumbo roll packers, with the drum on each machine running over wooden pallets for 120 minutes and each lifting the arm 8 times. The results were as follows:

Hydraulic: RP 7700 : 7.55 kWh for 2 h = 3,78 kWh

Electric: RP 7700-E: 2.45 kWh for 2 h = 1,23 kWh

This result shows how effective and environmental friendly the RP 7700-E is, while its power and speed is a little higher than the traditional hydraulic RP 7700 Jumbo.

The savings on electricity are substantial with the electric version running costs being 1/3 of the energy cost of the hydraulic machine.

Compare the speed of the hydraulic and electric versions of the BJRP


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