Balex 30 Carpet Crusher


The ” carpet crusher ” makes light work of large quantities of carpet offcuts. Whilst its small in size, it has a large capacity and delivers high press forces for fast, easy compression of carpets.

With its extremely wide load opening the “carpet crusher” has the capacity to handle larger pieces of carpet. This makes the daily use much easier.


Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 1995 x 1810 x 1250
Bale Weight (kg) 350
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Technical Info

Since 2013, the Kenburn Carpet Crusher has helped the flooring industry to divert thousands of tonnes per year of recyclable carpet waste from landfill.

The simple to use machine compacts 175 square metres of carpet waste on to a pallet. With advances in technology, it now costs less to recycle carpet waste than it does to send it to landfill.

Old, uplifted carpet waste can be used as a fuel for ‘’energy from waste’ and polypropylene carpet waste is shredded, then melted down to produce plastic pellets. These pellets are then used by plastic injection moulding companies to manufacture products such as car bumpers, roof tiles and UPVC window frames, so polypropylene carpet waste is 100% recyclable.

The positive face to face feedback we receive from our customers when we exhibit at all the flooring trade shows is that not only have Kenburn helped them reduce their ever-increasing skip costs, but they’ve also improved their sales conversion rates, as the public respond enthusiastically to environmentally friendly initiatives.

As well as compacting carpet and underlay waste the Kenburn Carpet Crusher also compacts cardboard and plastic film waste as well and these waste streams can generate revenue.

To find out more information about our recycling scheme please contact the Kenburn sales team.

We can also visit your site to conduct a brief waste survey and advise on the cost savings you’ll make by installing a Kenburn Carpet Crusher which can either be purchased outright or rented. Kenburn can also explain how the pallets of materials are collected, where the recycling outlets are throughout the UK and what happens to the waste. This service is completely free of charge with no obligation.

Technical Summary

Model Carpet Crusher
Compaction force (t) 30
Power supply 3×230/400V 50Hz 25/16A
Motor (kW) 4.0
Noise level (dB) 59
Cycle time (sec) 30
Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 1995 x 1810 x 1250
Bale Weight (kg) 350
Feed opening H x W x D (mm) 540 x 1120 x 950
Feed height (mm) 940
Bale dimensions H x W x D (mm) 950 x 1200 x 840

Additional Info

The topic of “recycling” has become more prominent recently and the public are now more interested in what happens to their waste. Promoting your company’s “zero waste to landfill” policy impresses potential customers.

By renting or purchasing a carpet crusher and advising potential customers that their waste is recycled has proven to increase sales conversion rates.

Marie Rhodes, Membership Co-ordinator, CRUK comments “The easy to operate “Kenburn Carpet Crusher” has been designed specifically to significantly reduce the volume of waste carpet with a 4:1 compaction ratio.

By simply reducing the volume of waste carpet, transport costs to the numerous carpet recycling plants throughout the UK are kept to a minimum.

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Very quiet operation
  • Extremely wide load opening
  • Spindle operated door for safe and simple unloading
  • SMART technology

Customer Reviews

Here’s what some of our customers have had to say …
“Not only have we significantly reduced our waste management costs, we’ve also improved our sales conversion rates as well as our customers have responded enthusiastically to our recycling initiative.” Carpet Design & Flooring, Liverpool – MD Graeme Garvey

Initially when we first installed our two carpet crushers, we sent our waste to be used as a fuel for ‘’energy from waste’’ but now with the improvement in recycling technology and the fact the bulk of our waste is polypropylene carpet, our waste now goes to a recycling plant where the yarn is extracted from the backing then shredded, the shredded yarn is then melted down and pelletised and the pellets are used in the manufacture of plastic injection moulded products such as UPVC window frames.”

H Mears, Preston – Marc Mears


“We’d noticed the successes other carpet retailers were having reducing their ever-increasing skip costs using a carpet crusher so we contacted Kenburn to arrange a waste survey. We were initially sceptical of the financial savings Kenburn claimed we’d make but we’ve been absolutely delighted their predictions are 100% correct and our waste disposal costs have significantly reduced. The carpet crusher itself is extremely easy to use and attracts a lot of attention from curious customers who are now more than happy to pay for their carpet and underlay waste to be recycled rather than it end up in landfill.” Mark Robbins Carpets and Beds, Blandford Forum – Mark Robbins

“By purchasing a Kenburn Carpet Crusher we now have a zero waste to landfill policy as our waste is now used as a fuel for “waste to energy” which costs less than landfill. Also our customers are delighted to know that our recycling initiatives prevent their old carpet and underlay waste ending up in landfill.” Bogans Carpets, Merseyside – Nik Burrows


“By installing a “carpet crusher” all our carpet and underlay waste is now recycled for “waste to energy” as a fuel to power concrete kilns as a replacement for using coal and the recycling costs are significantly lower than landfill so its financially as well as environmentally beneficial.”Glasswells, East Anglia – Paul Glasswell


‘’By purchasing a Kenburn Carpet Crusher we’re now recycling all our carpet and underlay waste, which not only costs us less than sending it to landfill, it’s also had an enthusiastic response from our customers who’ve been delighted to hear their waste is recycled.” Bailey and Taylor, Colchester – MD Stewart Taylor

“Reducing our waste management costs was of course a consideration, but our decision to install a “carpet crusher “was primarily to enable us to have a zero waste to landfill policy and diverting hundreds of tonnes per  year of recyclable carpet/underlay waste from landfill makes environmental sense.”, -Steve Rice, Glenearn Flooring of Perth

“We’ve been delighted not only with the performance of the “carpet crusher” itself but also the service we receive from the waste to energy company who collect the waste and use it as a fuel to power concrete kilns at a lower cost than sending it to landfill. Also, our zero to landfill policy has been enthusiastically welcomed by our customers.” The Carpet Bureau, Battersea – Director Bryan Robison

“The nature of our business means we also generate large volumes of cardboard and plastic film waste as well and we use the carpet crusher to compact these waste streams in order to receive a revenue from a local recycling company.” Clinton Carpets, Retford, Nottinghamshire – owner Tony Brennan

“Reducing our waste management costs by recycling old carpet and underlay waste was of course a bonus but our decision to install a “carpet crusher” was primarily to enable us to have a zero waste to landfill policy and diverting hundreds of tonnes a year of recyclable carpet and underlay waste from landfill makes environmental sense. It’s also an interesting topic of discussion with our customers explaining how we now recycle their old carpet and underlay using it as a fuel for “waste to energy” and with recycling waste carpet costing considerably less than landfill it makes financial sense as well.” Dave Hudspeth Carpets, Leyburn,North Yorkshire – Director Emma Hudspeth


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