Kenburn supplies Balex plastic baler to thermoformed packaging company

One of the UK’s leading manufacturers of bespoke and standard thermoformed packaging for the food and non-food packaging sectors has purchased a Europress Balex 50 baling machine from Kenburn Waste Management for baling plastic packaging waste.

Innovation driven, with a strong environmental and sustainable ethos, 90% per cent of their raw material comes from recycled materials. Their operations manager comments, ‘the nature of our manufacturing process makes producing off cut waste inevitable, so we needed a solution to manage this particular waste stream. As thermoformed plastic has a lot of memory we also considered alternative solutions to a baling machine.’

Why did they choose a Balex baler?

Balex balers are ideal for baling plastics as well as cardboard and the machine can be setup to optimise the operation for the chosen waste streams. The user can easily switch between two modes of operation on the control panel, with separate modes set up for example for cardboard and plastics to ensure optimal use of the baler.

Mode 1 is best suited to baling cardboard or material with similar characteristics. In this mode, the piston returns into the top position immediately after the operating movement, and the device is ready for feeding immediately after the movement has ended.

Mode 2 is suitable for baling plastic or material with similar characteristics. In this mode, the piston remains in the bottom position after the operating movement, which prevents the material from returning into the shape before baling.

Before feeding the baler again, the user simply presses the green start button once, which returns the piston to the top position and the baler is ready to be fed again.


Why did they come to Kenburn for help?

‘Before going down the shredder or granulator route we were recommended to speak with Kenburn Waste Management as we’d been advised of their expertise and experience in waste handling machinery. Kenburn was aware of the problems and the care needed with baling thermoformed plastics, as they already had baling machines on other UK thermoformed plastic manufactures sites.

“Our new Balex baler has exceeded our expectations”


‘Kenburn recommended the Europress Balex 50 baling machine. The build quality and performance of the Balex 50 has exceeded all of our expectations and the two year full parts and labour warranty we received gave us peace of mind on reliability. The main advantage of this particular machine is the ability to set the compaction cycle and pressure to suit a variety of materials.

So, with thermoformed plastics, we can setup the cycle so that the ram remains down for longer when compacting which reduces the memory of the plastic in order to produce heavier and denser bales.’

Balex balers – suitable for baling plastics & cardboard

‘Another excellent feature of the Balex 50, which comes as standard, is the door opening mechanism which allows the lower door to open slowly when the bale is ready for ejecting. This health and safety feature was especially important to us with the type of plastic we’re baling. As our company continues to grow, we’ll have no hesitation in considering additional Europress Balex balers from Kenburn.’


Europress Balex 50 specifications

  • Two year Warranty
  • Cross cylinder design with very low overall height
  • Europress Smart technology
  • Two modes of operation – typically switch to one for card and one for plastics
  • Key operated as standard –allowing control of who can operate the baler
  • Turnbuckle closures – strong threaded spindle ensures a safe and steady opening of the main door
  • Meets EN16500 Safety Standard

Find out how we can help you save money on your waste costs

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