How SMART is your baler?

All Europress Balex Balers are SMART as well as being extremely durable. Designed and manufactured in Finland to meet the most demanding requirements, their SMART technology is part of their DNA.

Designed with cross cylinders to create a small footprint and low overall height, they are easy to locate in most commercial environments and regularly maintained, their high grade build quality ensures a long service life.

The intelligent SMART technology controls the operation and the functions of the baler. It monitors the usage of the machine and adapts to anomalies in order to protect both the operator and the components. Kenburn engineers can remotely connect to Balex balers, utilising the remote diagnostics to diagnose faults and make adjustments to machine settings.

All Balex Balers are SMART

Europress_Smart-logo_BlackBalex utilizes a smart-central which has been tested in Europress’s range of compactors for several years, with a second generation version now in use.

All the best functionality of the SMART system has been improved, with even more new functions designed primarily for balers. These improve durability, safety and the ease of use of the machine.

The baler communicates and guides its user during use and gives an indication of its different states. It optimises the strokes and pressure, recognises safety risks and guides the user to remove them.

SMART- technology in Balex balers means time savings in working hours and service costs for the user.


Optional real time monitoring

Since all Balex balers feature Europress SMART connectivity readiness as standard, optional integration to the Europress SMART fleet management system can be easily provided for an annual subscription fee for each machine.

This cloud based system provides insights on asset data and tools for streamlined fleet management. The browser version of the SMART web portal allows you to view and manage your balers with a full range of analytics such as filling trends, fault history and emptying times. It enables system user to see how many bales are ready for collections, helping both you are your recycler plan transport more efficiently.

The SMART web portal also monitors:

  • Number of empyings and times
  • Efficiency including real time fill levels 
  • Emergency stop button activations and times
  • Operating hours
  • Location of equipment viewable on a map with map co-ordinates
  • Bale counter
  • Status of the machine including when it was last emptied
  • Indicator of when the service is due
  • Full data analytics – downloadable as Excel spreadsheet

Additionally, by using the SMARTWASTE app, you can also monitor your balers in real time from your mobile phone.

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