How long will my waste baler last?

A question we’re often asked by customers looking to purchase or rent a vertical waste baler is “how long will it last?”

Cardboard tubes baled in Bramidan 4-0S(50) baler - KenburnUnderstandably this isn’t an easy question to answer, as there are numerous factors to take into consideration such as:  How much use will it get? What materials are being baled? How regularly will it be serviced?

Just Paper Tubes based in Selby Yorkshire didn’t need to ask the question when it was time for them to replace their Bramidan mill size baler, because they already knew the answer.

15 years!

Back in 1999, the Euro was launched, we had a solar eclipse, Manchester United won the treble and Just Paper Tubes purchased a Bramidan mill size baler from Kenburn.

Even though the baler was used constantly all day every day producing 20 – 30 bales per week of cardboard tubes, the machine proved to be extremely reliable.  Also with regular servicing and maintenance, it also needed very little spending on it over the fifteen years it was operated.

Bale of cardboard tubes produced in Bramidan 4-0S(50) Mill size baler - KenburnWhen the time came to finally replace their baler, Just Paper Tubes had no hesitation in purchasing another Bramidan baler from Kenburn; the Bramidan X50L.

Just Paper Tubes director John Mahan commented, “we’d been delighted with not only the performance of the Bramidan baler but also the excellent service we’ve received from Kenburn over the past 15 years, so that when we felt the need to replace the baler we only ever considered purchasing a Bramidan machine from Kenburn.

Our bales are delivered directly into the paper mill, so another important factor for us was the weight of the bale which had to continually exceed 450kg.

John added “the Bramidan X50L baler does this easily.  We’re also pleased to have been able to help out one of our customers who are now using our old baling machine!”

Danish manufacturer Bramidan have been manufacturing balers for over thirty years and are renowned as one of the world’s market leaders in high quality waste handling machinery.  Kenburn Waste Management are proud to be associated with such a prestigious brand and continue to be the UK’s main Bramidan dealer.