KH50 Semi-Automatic Horizontal Baler

Designed and manufactured in the UK, this semi-automatic horizontal baler produces "Mill Size" bales and typically handles 80 tonnes of material per week

KH50 Semi Automatic Horizontal Baler

The KH50 semi-automatic horizontal baler produces high-density "Mill Size" bales of a wide range of materials including cardboard, paper / board trim, expanded foam, plastic bottles, aluminium / steel UBC’s / cans.

Depending on the material, this machine typically produces 80 tonnes per week.

Incorporating full safety features, the T50 Model is designed for semi-automatic feeding into a top mounted hopper by means of a feed conveyor or from a mezzanine platform/MRF system.

Key Features

  • 50 Tons main pressure on the pressing ram
  • Optional with ISO bale size: 1150 x 800 x 1500 mm
  • Fed through a top feed hopper by means of a second floor or a conveyor. The machine can also be fed ‘by hand’ through the access door in the feed hopper
  • 5 Slots for placing strap / wire
  • Produces high density mill sized bales
  • Wire, steel/plastic strapping can be used to tie bale
  • Automatic baling sequence with manual tie-off
  • Large feed opening
  • Access door in hopper (interlocked for safety)
  • Incorporates bale retaining clappers
  • Hydraulic drive system
  • Hydraulic end door lock/release with safety catch
  • Bale size: 1150 x 1000 x up to 1500 mm long
  • Hopper feed opening: 1350 long x 950 deep x 1000 wide mm (700 wide for ISO bale size)
  • Hydraulic Motor power 18.5kw main drive / 0.55kw door locking.
  • Door locking is hydraulically operated with a two push button control for safety
  • Electrical panel to be manufactured from stainless steel and the electrical system to be IP65 protection
  • Hopper feed opening: 1350 long x 950 deep x 1000mm wide
  • Unit is fitted with a shear blade
  • Production of up to 80 tonnes per week depending upon the material
  • Machine weight approx. 5.5 tonnes
  • Optional bin lift available for trunnion, comb or both trunnion and comb
  • Bin lift includes cage and hydraulic power pack, lever control and interlock switch


Main Frame: Fabricated mild steel and standard rolled steel sections to form a rigid frame.  Bale chamber manufactured to accept strapping machine

Ram Unit:  Fabricated mild steel sheet and channel to form a robust frame.  Base and top guides fitted with steel wear plates.  Top cover provided to prevent material entering machine when ram is moving.  Limit switches incorporated to control forward and reverse of the ram travel.  Safety switches fitted to feed door(s) to prevent ram moving forward with door(s) open.  Rear guard removable to provide ready access for maintenance and cleaning.

Electrical:  Programmable logic controller for main system with contactor for main motor drive (15kW).  Integral control panel with push buttons for forward, stop and reverse. Ram stops automatically when bale is at the required density – amber flashing light illuminates on semi- automatic models.  Photocell sensing commences operating cycle on semi-automatic models. Conveyor contactor and top level photocell can be fitted as an extra in existing control panel.  If machines is left idle for three minutes, stand-by mode is automatically initiated.


KH50 HF Foam Baler

Feed:  Semi-automatic feed hoppers fitted with side access door and photo cell to operate ram cycle.  If feed conveyor fitted, the press is equipped with photo sensor to control conveyor feed.

Hydraulic System:  System incorporates easily replaceable cartridge air and oil filters.  System fully tested prior to delivery.  Capacity of oil reservoir: 300 litres.

Strapping:  Strapping manually through five slots in the bale chamber while bale is under ram pressure.  Bale ties can be steel baling wire, steel strapping or plastic strapping.

Bin feeding:  Optional bin feeding system available for applications where material comes from various sources.

Bale size: 1070 x 1000 x 1250mm

Bale weight: approx. 150 – 600 kg depending on material

Ram cycle time: 45 seconds

Throughput: 3 to 4 bales per hour, depending upon material

Note:  Floor on which baler is installed must be sound and capable of taking the machine weight (4000kg)

Trunnion bin lift
Comb bin lift
Kenburn Select KH50 Semi automatic horizontal baler

Bale Weights

Polythene: up to approx. 600kg

Cardboard:  up to approx. 500kg

Plastic bottles: up to approx. 300kg

Bale weights may vary depending on the condition of the material

Photo by James Giddins on Unsplash