Kenburn Select Series Balers

A range of balers selected by Kenburn for build quality and reliability

With over 35 years' experience in helping customers manage and reduce their waste costs, we have carefully selected a range of horizontal balers manufactured in the UK for Kenburn; the "Kenburn Select Series Balers".  With excellent build quality, these machines are designed to last.

Kenburn Select Series Horizontal Balers provide a cost-effective waste management solution, without compromising on quality, safety or functionality.

Photo by James Giddins on Unsplash
Kenburn Select Semi Automatic Horizontal Baler
Kenburn Select KH40 Semi Automatic Horizontal Baler with bin lift
Kenburn Select KH50 semi automatic horizontal baler

Kenburn Select Horizontal Waste Balers

Kenburn Select Series horizontal balers are designed and manufactured in the UK and represent British engineering at its best.Both fully and semi-automatic horizontal balers are the best solution when handling large…

Kenburn Select TB70 Tyre Baler

Kenburn Select TB70 Tyre Baler

The Kenburn Select TB70 tight tyre baler is a vertical baler that has been designed to help reduce the cost of transporting used and waste tyres, by significantly reducing their…