Kenburn Offers Short-Term Rental of Baling Equipment

Kenburn Waste Management Ltd is now offering short-term baler rental of the Bramidan vertical baling machines to help companies cope with temporary increases in the volume of cardboard and plastic waste.  The rental scheme also allows customers considering baling as part of their waste management programme, to carry out trials before committing to capital expenditure.  The service is available throughout the UK.

Key account manager Martin Slough explained why Kenburn was willing to offer short-term rental when most suppliers are reluctant to do so.  “There are lots of companies that need extra baling capacity for short periods, sometimes due to seasonal fluctuations in their business, and we wanted to offer a solution to the problem.  For example, one of our customers supplies salads to some of the large supermarket chains and is very busy during the height of the summer.  That means disposing of a lot more plastic wrapping and cardboard during June, July and August and having an extra baler on site makes a big difference.  It just wouldn’t make sense to have two machines there permanently as demand falls off sharply during the winter.”

“Because Kenburn’s been in the waste management business for a long time we have a very large number of machines out there in the field.  Perhaps not surprisingly we’re very keen on re-cycling and we refurbish used equipment in our own workshops and return them to service. They offer customers a cheaper alternative to buying new equipment and they’re ideal for both long and short-term rental.”

Weekly rental charges are from £27 including on-site maintenance; there are additional charges for delivery and installation depending on the model of machine and the delivery location.

Baling provides a convenient method of disposing of recyclable materials such as plastic and cardboard by reducing collection costs, reducing storage space and minimising the risk of fire.

Kenburn is the UK Distributor for the Bramidan range of vertical balers which suit industries with lower volume baling requirements, including multi-site retail, catering and medical applications.  It is also the UK Distributor for the Avermann range of horizontal balers for use in the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) and Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) sectors, as well as supplying Avermann and Bergmann waste compaction equipment to users across the United Kingdom.

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