Decathlon buys a new baler


Out with the old and in with the new!

When the time came for Decathlon Stockport to replace their old baling machine for a brand new one, it was simply a case of “same again please.”

Decathlon, the world’s biggest sports retailer had been delighted with the performance of their Bramidan mill size baling machine supplied by Kenburn Waste Management and immediately contacted Kenburn to order a replacement.

Bramidan baler purchased by Decathlon from KenburnDecathlon’s operations manager Will Taylor commented “we’ve been using the Bramidan baler for many years now and not only has it been extremely reliable it’s also enabled Decathlon to maximise the revenue we receive for our waste cardboard bales.

Due to its unique cross chamber compaction operation, the bales produced are small but very heavy which enables us to get the maximum weight on a curtain side vehicle.  This keeps transportation costs to a minimum and subsequently generates a better rate per tonne for the material.”

“Not only have we been extremely impressed with the performance of the Bramidan baler, we’ve also received excellent customer service from Kenburn, who’ve maintained the baler using their own engineers. This has ensured the longevity of the machine and which is why even though we’re continually inundated with various baling machine suppliers offering us their products and services we only ever considered contacting Kenburn again.”