Country’s First Remote Controlled Jumbo Roll-Packer Installed at Amesbury Household Recycling Centre

Hills Waste Solutions has revolutionised the operation of Wiltshire Council’s Amesbury Household Recycling Centre (HRC) with the commissioning of a new system which is a country-wide first. Equipment specialists Kenburn Waste Management installed a Bergmann Jumbo Roll Packer mounted on rails to service multiple bays and operated via remote control.


Kenburn install Bergmann Jumbo Roll Packer on Rails


The Roll-Packer uses a giant roller on a hydraulic arm to break up material in containers. Blades on the roller drum tear up the material and reduce the amount of space taken up. The results can be spectacular – some operators have reported an increase in the weight of wooden boxes in a standard container from 1.5 tonnes to nearly 8 tonnes for example. The Roll-Packer is extremely versatile and almost any type of material can be compacted, from cardboard to wood.

Collections of containers are now much less frequent at Amesbury. This means fewer disruptions to the public since there are not as many trucks driving in and out to exchange empty containers for full ones. Fewer collections also means lower costs, less traffic congestion and lower carbon emissions, all significant benefits for the residents of Wiltshire.

Mike Webster, group director of Hills Waste Solutions said “The Roll-Packer is already in use at four of the ten HRC sites we operate on behalf of Wiltshire Council. Adding the remote control element provides an extra safety feature, since the operator stands in front of the container from where the public access walkways can be more closely monitored”.


Bergmann jumbo roll packer railed system


About Kenburn

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About Hills

Hills Waste Solutions is part of the The Hills Group.

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