Carpet Crusher for Arighi Bianchi

Established in 1854, the furniture store Arighi Bianchi in Macclesfield is a fourth generation family run business with one of the largest carpet departments in the UK.

Due to the high volumes of floor coverings they install all over the UK, it’s inevitable that they’ll also generate large volumes of post-consumer carpet and underlay waste.

Arighi Bianchi Carpet Crusher - KenburnArighi Bianchi’s Neville Hinchliffe comments “as members of Carpet Recycling UK, we’ve been recycling our new carpet off cuts for quite a while sending the recyclable waste to Anglo Recycling.

The wool off cuts are processed into Anglo’s range of underlay products and the man made off cuts are shredded for use as equestrian flooring. We’ve also been looking at a variety of disposal options for post-consumer waste as well and having read about the successes Kenburn have been making with their “carpet crusher” we arranged a meeting with Kenburn who are also members of CRUK.”

Neville added “it was immediately apparent we were talking to a company who not only supplied the ideal compaction machine for carpet and underlay waste, they also in addition provided the logistic advice that enabled us to dispose of our waste post-consumer carpet and underlay in the most environmentally friendly method using waste to energy. Following Kenburn’s advice, we installed a Kenburn ” carpet crusher “.

Arighi Bianchi Carpet BaleOur post-consumer waste is now used as a fuel to power concrete kilns and in addition to diverting hundreds of tonnes a year of recyclable waste from landfill, we’ve also significantly reduced our waste management costs, so it’s a win-win scenario. Our customers have also been extremely enthusiastic regarding our recycling initiatives and are more than happy to pay a premium cost to have their carpet and underlay waste recycled.”

Simon Wells Kenburn’s Northern Sales Manager adds, “Kenburn can visit your premises anywhere in the UK and with a brief waste survey can offer free impartial advice on the financial and environmental benefits of installing a Kenburn “Carpet Crusher”.

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