Waste Disposal Costs Continue to Rise

..... but it's not all doom and gloom

It has been confirmed that the target set by the EU for 50% waste diversion from landfill for the UK by 2020 will still apply even though the UK will be leaving the EU in 2019.

In 2007 when the targets were set, landfill costs were averaging £35.00 per tonne.

Over a ten year period landfill costs have risen to an average of £130.00 per tonne which is a staggering increase of 270%. As the current target is only 45% diversion, more landfill tax increases will be applicable for 2018 and 2019.

It’s not all doom and gloom for the carpet industry though.

Divert waste carpet from landfill

Since we launched our carpet recycling initiative back in 2014 Kenburn Waste Management have helped carpet retailers and contractors to reduce their ever increasing skip costs and divert thousands of tonnes of recyclable carpet waste from landfill.

By installing a Kenburn Carpet Crusher with its 4:1 compaction ratio, transport costs for the material can be reduced by up to 75%.


Site Survey

For a no obligation, free of charge waste survey to determine what savings can be made on your skip costs please contact Kenburn on 01727 844988 sales@kenburn.co.uk

Carpet waste is recyclable!

Carpet has a high calorific value which means it burns for longer so acts as an ideal fuel for waste to energy plants.

Being used as a fuel enables carpet waste disposal costs to be significantly less than landfill and also at the same time more environmentally friendly.