Bergmann Portable Compactors

APB 1620 portable compactor

Key features of Bergmann Portable Compactors

It is not uncommon with machines of a traditional design that there are difficulties in emptying them even when waste cardboard and plastics have not been highly compacted.  These problems are avoided with the Bergmann Portable Compactors.

No cleaning work is needed below or behind the blade due to the patented throw over blade system.

Bergmann APB Compactors are available in a range of sizes and formats. Container capacity ranges from 14-20m³.

See an APB 607 SN22 with bin lift in action

Bergmann Portable Compactors are characterised by extremely high compaction and easy emptying thanks to the pendulum roof (on the APB 606) which swings upwards when the discharge door is opened ensuring that the highly compacted material can be removed easily.

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We also have a range of Wet Waste Portable Compactors from Bergmann.

Bergmann APB 607 SN23

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APB 1620 portable compactor

Bergmann APB 1620 Portable Compactor

  • Huge loading aperture
  • Bin with pendulum roof for trouble-free emptying
  • High compaction force due to linear arrangement of cylinders
  • Press plate guiding system with 100% compaction force over the full stroke length
  • Laterally fastened door with 3 central locks via easy-to-serve ratchet catch
  • Pendulum claws on the break edge and the large immersion depth of the compacting piston avoid that the waste streams backwards