Bergmann Trans Pack Flexible Roll Packer

The Bergmann Jumbo Roll Packer Trans Pack has been designed to be versatile in applications.  It can be operated on a roll-on/roll off vehicle, a standard truck, with a subframe, on a trailer, or as a static compactor.

When used in stationary applications, the machine is driven by an optional diesel generator set.  The built in diesel generator set allows the machine to be operated independently from the truck. When used in mobile applications, the machine is driven either via the truck’s own hydraulic system, or by the optional diesel generator set.

The Trans-Pack Flexible has been designed as a highly versatile member of the Bergmann Roll-Packer family of machines.   It uses a heavy, specially equipped compaction drum being used to reduce even large quantities of waste in open containers within the shortest of times to a minimum of the original volume.

The containers can be arranged in different positions at random locations and spread out over any number of sites. The Trans-Pack Flexible is ideally suited for bulky and voluminous waste such as wooden crates, pallets, large items of cardboard packing, bulky waste, organic waste, etc. 

To transport the machine, the Trans-Pack is secured onto an auxiliary platform, which allows it to be picked up by a truck with a roll-on/roll-off facility. The Trans-Pack Flexible can be operated at open containers up to 7 m in length, with compacting being possible both from the unloading side and from the collection side of the container. The drivers cab is positioned at a sufficient height to ensure that the operator always has a clear view of the working range of the compaction drum and the cab also provides protection against the effects of the weather.

The compaction drum is driven by hydraulic motors housed inside the drum itself, which are powered by a hydraulic system. The compaction operation ensues manually. The system is controlled in such a way that the drum moves forwards and backwards in constant alternation, thus compacting the waste in layers. To transport the machine, the Trans Pack is secured onto an auxiliary platform, which allows it to be picked up by a truck with a roll-on/roll off facility.

The roll packer is operated with open containers and can compact from the unloading side as well as from the collection side of the container.

The compaction drum is driven by hydraulic motors housed inside the drum itself, which are powered by a hydraulic system.  An optional 1700 mm wide drum equipped with a comb that cleans the teeth during the compaction process can also be supplied if required.

Optional accessories include:

  • An additional folding or telescopic ladder makes it possible to climb up onto the machine from both sides.
  • Two EMERGENCY STOP push buttons accessible from the outside ensure additional safety.
  • A rotating flashing beacon is installed on the cab and flashes as soon as compaction is started.
  • A separate transport platform for roll-on/-off vehicles, adaptable for Marrel, Meiller and Multilift
  • This special drum is produced 1700 mm wide and is equipped with a comb that cleans the teeths of the drum during the compaction process.
  • An oil low-level switch is fitted as standard, which shuts down the system if oil is lost. It is advisable, however, to use organic hydraulic oil in areas where the groundwater has to be specially protected.
  • An oil monitoring device that measures the oil level as soon as the ignition key is turned in the ignition and, if necessary, automatically tops up the oil. The system then pumps the required amount of oil from the built-in 6 l tank to the motor housing.

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Technical Information

  • Jumbo Roll Packer suited for stationary and mobile applications
  • Ideal for compacting large volumes of waste in several open containers at multiple locations
  • Variety of applications – eg. can be used on a roll-on/roll off vehicle, a trailer, or stationary
  • The machine is connected to the vehicle by means of two quick-release couplings
  • A raised cab ensures that the operator always has a clear overview of the working range and hazard area, whilst affording protection against the weather
  • The hydraulic system used in the Trans-Pack machine is supplied with oil by a hydraulic auxiliary drive of the roll-on/roll-off tipping vehicle
  • A valve block controls the flow of oil for the drum operation as well as for the hydraulic cylinders used for lifting out the drum
  • Low-maintenance hydraulic motors (fed by the hydraulic system) inside the compaction drum are used for driving and rotating the drum
  • A heavy drum weighing approx. 1.5 tonnes with highly wear-resistant teeth ensures that the material is highly compacted
  • The folding ladder facilitates access when climbing onto the truck. The railings around the sides ensure that the operator is safe when standing on the machine
  • During compaction, the operator has the option of alerting other persons of potential dangers by manually actuating a horn
  • A 55 Watt spotlight is attached on both the front and back of the cab
  • To prevent the compaction drum from switching on too soon, the swivel arm is fitted with a tilt/ inclination switch, which only releases the drum for rotation on reaching the container that is to be compacted
  • Tilt/inclination switch “Centre lift” ensures that the drum can only be lifted out when the pendulum arm is in the vertical position which prevents the compaction drum from making uncontrolled pendulum movements

Technical Summary

Model Trans Pack
Machine width approx. 2500 mm
Machine height approx. 2450-5900 mm (without subframe)
Machine length approx. 5550 mm
Cab dimensions (LxWxH) 1250 x 1100 x 2000 mm
Drum diameter approx. 1150 mm
Container height min. 1900 mm / max. 2900 mm
Roller travel length max. 6600 mm, adjustable
Drum weight 1800 kg
Total weight 3450 kg