Avermann AVOS 1410

The Avermann AVOS 1410 horizontal baler is an extremely versatile choice for waste handing, processing large loads with ease.
Optional equipment includes:

An AVERMANN special press-ram to bale bulky materials (suitable for AVOS 1410, only)

A feeding conveyor belt to fill the baler continuously

Wire end control unit to change the wires easily

The AVOS 1410 Baler has been specifically designed to meet the demands of recovery and sorting stations as well as businesses with high volumes of a variety of waste to bale. This highly versatile Baler is capable of processing virtually all types of waste and can sort up to five different waste types simultaneously.

With a conveyor belt and automated binding of bales, this is the ultimate Baler for increasing productivity, reducing time and money spent on sorting and baling waste.

With the AVOS 1410 B5, in addition to five fold vertical binding, the customer can choose whether the press ram guiding is on plastic guides or steel rollers.  There are also options including a multi station selection switch to adjust the machine optimally for different materials, soft lid maintenance doors and the ability to scan the state of the PLC externally.

The 1410 AS5 -37/70 model is seen in action here:

The horizontal baler type AVOS 1410 RH with 22 kW and 500 kN offers premium quality and performance. Special features of this machine include the large feeding chute, the approved binding technique and the press ram guiding with hardened steel rollers on HARDOX rails.

Due to the built-in heating and cooling elements for the hydraulic oil, the horizontal baler can be operated in extreme temperatures. The press ram is driven by an energy-saving, power-controlled axial piston pump. The operating pressure of the machine can be controlled by means of a selector switch which allows the optimal compaction of different materials.

There are four model in the standard 1410 range: AVOS 1410-22/50, AVOS 1410-30/60, AVOS 1410-37/70 and the AVOS 1410-45/80, each with varying throughput, press force and bale weight.

If you are interested in the AVOS 1410 Horizontal Baler or any of our or any of our other Horizontal Balers or Vertical Balers please contact us for more information.

Technical Information

  • A fully automatic Baler for high volume processing
  • Fully automatic for the large scale producer or recycler
  • Bale weights to 600kg
  • Throughput to 24 tonnes per hour

Technical Summary

Model AVOS 1410-45/80
Machine length 8400 mm
Machine width 2400 mm
Machine height 3770 mm
Feeding hopper cross section 1400 x 1000 mm
Dead weight approx. 16500 kg
Bale size (W x H) 1100 x 700 mm
Bale weight* up to 600 kg
Channel adjustment 3-sided automatically
Cycle time (empty) 16 sec
Idle speed capacity (theoretically) 227 m3 /h
Throughput** 35 kg/m³ (cardboard) 6.0 t/h
Throughput** 60 kg/m³ (cardboard, paper 10.5 t/h
Throughput** 100 kg/m³ (newspapers) 17.5 t/h
Specific press force 103.9 N/cm2
Press force 800 kN
Drive capacity 45 kW
* depending on bale length and material  
** relating to apparent weight  
Adjustable bale length  
Binding 4-fold vertically
Electricity 3 x 400 V, N, PE/50 Hz

Technical Summary

Model AVOS 1410-22/50
Machine length 8400 mm
Machine width 2400 mm
Machine height 3770 mm
Feeding hopper cross section 1400 x 1000 mm
Dead weight approx. 15000 kg
Bale size (W x H) 1100 x 700 mm
Bale weight* up to 450 kg
Channel adjustment 3-sided automatically
Cycle time (empty 13.3 sec
Idle speed capacity (theoretically 266 m3 /h
Throughput** 35 kg/m³ (cardboard) 5.5 t/h
Throughput** 60 kg/m³ (cardboard, paper) 7.5 t/h
Throughput** 100 kg/m³ (newspapers) 9.7 t/h
Specific press force 64.9 N/cm2
Press force 500 kN
Drive capacity 22 kW

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